Equilibrium vs. Chaos

February 24, 2007

I have being going through a hurtful lumbalgia and a bothersome flu these days, which has been coincidental with my stoppage in posting, and that circumstance made me consider how important is equilibrium in everything which exists.

As we all know the universe must be perfectly balanced if we do not want that chaos prevails and everything returns to its origins, which I do not believe existed in material terms. We have been seeing for a number of years now, how the powerful of the Earth have been sending alien objects to the outer space, how they have dared to set foot on the moon, and how a series of artificial satellites are orbiting us continuously, a proof of unbalanced morality in our leaders, or is it that they know that what they are doing to our planet is not within the canons of a balanced existence and want to see what effects it could cause the Earth? Recently China has launched a missile to destroy one of its old satellites in space. The test was successful, the Chinese say. I wonder whether this test together with the rest of man-made junk material that is lost up there will not with time contribute to cause imbalance in the Universe, a universe which is ruled by unwritten laws of equilibrium.

The same thing happens with our planet, if the Earth is not perfectly balanced, if its necessary elements are not present in their exact quantity and quality then the Earth will start suffering chaos in a lesser measure that may be increased if the imbalance persists. This is what has happened with pollution, the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer. It is imperative that all the elements be brought again to a perfect equilibrium if we want to live in a durable place for us and our descendants.

Everything depends on equilibrium: wealth and poverty, war and peace, happiness and unhappiness, health, etc.

If the distribution of richness in the world is not balanced, then we have that while some have a superabundance of welfare, others, the most, have to content themselves with the crumbs that fall from the table. And even some without those miserable crumbs. Which in turn will bring delinquency, unrest and unhappiness. If a country has got superabundant quantities of a particular resource, then it is the object of envy on the part of others that have not. This envy eventually leads to war. As we are so much used to of late. This, however, is not due to the fact that the former has superabundance, it is due to the fact that the latter “want” that superabundance, because resources imply power. Again the necessary balance is not sought.

We human beings, people who are born and die, must also have all the ingredients to keep us balanced. The necessary food, the necessary vitamins, the necessary minerals, etc., but, mind you, never exceeding or lacking in quantity and quality, otherwise the imbalance would be provoked with fatal consequences if it is not redressed rightaway.

All of us should seek equilibrium in everything, otherwise nothing but chaos will wait for us at the other end of the tunnel.