April 29, 2014

I have often invited guests to my home. Never have I controlled how they were dressed or how they behaved when they visited. My ways have always been those of a tolerant person, and I consider that if I invite someone home it is because I know them.

I have been asked to visit a new blog by the blogger who owned it and I wanted to oblige by sending a short post wishing him success in his adventure. My intentions were to be an asiduous visitor and take part in discussions that arose that interested me, but to my amazement I saw that my post had been subjected to moderation. And it was held so for four or five days, which I could not understand after having been invited to participate. I aborted my intentions and so let the said blogger know in correct words. He did not like it.

Urbanity does not seem to be what it was



April 26, 2014

I watch the telly and see how the Vatican tries to canonise two men: John XXIII and John Paul II, and I cannot but wonder: If both of them did their duty while they were popes, is it because none of the others had exceeded their obligations? If Catholicism bases its doctrines on sainthood and Christ’s sacrifice, how is it possible that the only saints to be canonised had been popes? One of them, by the way, guilty of trying to hide what priests far from the civilised world did to help those who Christ said were the first ones to enter the Kingdom of Heavens?

Middle Ages

December 12, 2009

We still live in the Middle Ages. We still live in a feudal state. We still live like slaves. Differences are that we have been taught to think that we don’t. And we are being kept under this impression wherever we look at in search of the meaning of our life. Politics and religion thrive to keep united, that’s a difference because in olden times they hadn’t to thrive to they just kept united.

Aren’t we subjected to slavery? Yes we are, because anything we do is just to earn money to transfer it to the system. The more we earn the more we spend. Democracy sees to it that we do. It doesn’t matter if we insult openly  our leaders, they are cheeky enough to go through it without any problems. The cheekier our politicians the safer they are to be politicians.

Tell me what’s the difference between now and six centuries ago. Those times we were obliged to go to wars to defend the interests of our lords, with the complacency of religion, which then – as now – had something to get out of it. Today there are still people among us who believe in patriotism, much that our “lords” get most of their income by being unpatriotic by moving their enterprises abroad. Globalisation it is called.

The Environment is there to keep us busy. The Media always at work. Did you know that the interment of CO2 was being made in a very few countries to prevent damages to the ozone layer? I, for one, didn’t know, but I now know. And I know now because those who can shake us about at their whim want so. Because it is much better for them  to keep the present energy system as it is and try to divert our attention to a new method of disposing of the CO2 which they say is much better because they save lots of money and time. And they keep charging us the astronomical sums reflected in their invoices and bills, when we know that using alternative energy the cost would be lower. And don’t be deluded, burying the CO2 will mean that our invoices and bills will be increased to cover the costs of those burials.

And what do we do about it? Nothing just keep being slaves, vassals and payers of anything they think we must pay.

At least let me vent my frustration. Thank you.

I’ve been trying to access your blog for two days now but something prevents me from doing so. Despite giving my name and password the blog keeps saying it is protected and I must give them again and again.


January 11, 2009

There are many definitions in the dictionary of what leaders are. I have picked up just one:” someone who acts as a guide”.

And a guide are those who we do not elect but who as heads of a list of nominees try to be our rulers in future legislatures. Persons who have been elected by others, a few, who believe their election will be the solution to the problems occurring at each time. Unfortunately what is good for a few does not happen to be good for many, and this has been proved along the centuries since Democracy (or so they would have us to believe) was installed in our lives.

To achieve leadership in olden times needed a cumulus of circumstances, among them to be a person capable to lead people in wars, a person with enough clairvoyance to make his followers risk their lives for whatever he wanted them. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this has ceased being so. A leader nowadays is a quite different person. A leader nowadays must be someone who can convince people that her/his intentions are the panacea for them to have a pleasant, easy life.

That so many believe her/him is the way for her/him to achieve what she/he seeks. And what is it that they seek? So far I for one see that they, whatever their political inclinations,  follow a political pattern that in cases favours the destitute among their co-citizens – which is today called socialism – and others follow what their predecessors in their very same political trend did, that is favouring those people powerful enough to make them do it.

But, both of those tendencies cannot but support what Capitalism has become, which is not the same thing as when it all began. As we all know.

Leadership must be won. Leadership, unlike Royalty, is something a person must achieve through conviction among those who are led that the leader is the one who can save them from all difficulties, economic or of welfare, that are encountered in the normal course of our lives.

And this leadership cannot be provided by those whose main objective is to achieve personal ambitions.

Change of Header

February 17, 2008

I’ve decided to change this blog’s header and found that the new one is a really relaxing panorama in green and ocean blue.

Reminds me of my island.

Off-Line for a short while

September 22, 2007

I’ll be having my PC cleaned and “weeded”, which it needs very badly (shame), and will be off-line for a short while, say 2/3 days, so I regret I won’t be able to read blogs and forums for that time.

Am already anxious to be back to normal again.

My very best wishes to you all.

Richard’s Forum

September 15, 2007

Richard has opened a new Forum and I must give it publicity. No restrictions to become a member, just the obligation to discuss and post your ideas.

Click on Richard’s Forum on my blogroll and start shooting.


June 1, 2007

Having to read so many blog sites as I do every day simply makes me wonder whether this is really good for my health, mainly for my mental health. My political inclinations are quite clear for me. My moral inclinations are quite clear for me. My human motivations – Richard – are clear as far as I am concerned.

I am awfully sorry because I cannot dedicate my attention to as many blogs and forums as I would like, therefore I will be reducing my range of attention to just a few blogs every day, those blogs will be shown in my blogroll and my attention regarding forums will be dedicated to the forum my loyalty has always been for, Respect, here

Thank you for understanding my motivations, just time is the key here.

My very best wishes to you all and my encouragement to proceed with all your ideals for a better world.

Sign against violence!

May 20, 2007

A movement is gathering strength among bloggers to sign a manifesto against violence. Use your freedom to do it here

Leaders in the world must see that democracy still exists.