Anthony – Anticant – goes

December 16, 2009

Anticant’s Arena will be stopping its activity because its Lord, Anthony, has so decided. And he has done so without paying attention to our preferences.

Anticant blog must not disappear from the blogging field, absolutely. His reflections on the everyday’s events on our planet, his knowledge of Britain’s most peculiar history is something that we must not lose, if we do then our connection with the immediate past of the United Kingdom will also be lost in the blogosphere – as this space has come to be known.

Anthony, too, is part – a very important one – of the British and, let me also say, of the world history.

I would suggest everybody that happens to read this post to write to Anthony – who really deserves being dubbed a Peer of the Kingdom, to reflect and reconsider his decision.

And from Anthony I ask his pardon for my selfishness by so doing. If he still keeps to his decision, then perhaps he might also decide to write a history book with the knowledge he treasures about the life in his life’s Britain.

Anthony’s site is here


This is a book written by a professional-journalist-become-historian, the reading of which I strongly recommend. I have been all my life a fan of history but unfortunately my school time was full with the history written by the Spanish historians belonging to the dictatorial regime. It is funny that the best writers dealing with Spain be of British nationality, John Gill is by his own right a perfect specimen of those authors. He has taught me aspects of the History of Spain which I was not conversant with and I must credit him with something difficult to find in a historian: accuracy.

Gill has lived in Andalucia for many years during which time he studied in depth what he later converted to written history, a book which is, in my opinion, a must in all libraries because it gives us indices on the beginnings of the human life in Europe and which, if perused carefully, answers to so many outstanding questions regarding the development of the human species. is his website where he may be reached.

He has recently moved to a paradise island in Greece where I am sure he will continue to be the source of more enlightenment for his readers.

Andalucia – A Cultural History is available through Signal Books Limited, 36 Minster Road. Oxford OX4 ILY, or