January 24, 2009

I see the media care about the likely systems of energy proposed to replace oil and suppress contamination, and apparently everything points out to nuclear energy, deceitfully advising it to be the least contaminating.

Nuclear energy is dangerous on one side because it is subject to human control and on the other because their waste is very difficult, if not impossible,  to dispose of without contaminating. And I wonder why solar, wind and sea energies are not more researched, being as they are natural, cheap sources of energy. In my opinion there is a fundamental cause for the preference: its set-up costs place it very far from a relatively average pocket. Corporations – again this word! – must be formed to organise power plants. We, the people in general, the only part that can have in it is our investment in those corporations and which in fact helps to exploit us, ironically.

In effect, the costs of building wind mills to produce energy would little by little decrease as  demand grows, placing them at the reach of households. The same would happen with solar and marine energies.

In real fact, what makes governments  opt for nuclear energy,  in my opinion,  is that obtaining the source of energy – uranium – is not at the reach of any household, therefore practically impossible that the power (not a pun) given by the privately controllable sources: oil and uranium,  would always be held by the powers-that-be (not a pun,  either).

Energy is the real source of power for those who command. We need it and are ready to pay for it: in homes, motor-cars, aeroplanes, industry, sea craft, war machines, everything relies on energy, and…we pay for it the price which curiously enough is not inside the frame of the “free market”. At least that gives a subtle appearance of public control, but we all know that eventually it is not so.

The control keeps being held by those who control the governments.

It is so easy if we unite, but no,  every effort is done to keep us the furthest from one another.

On this the strength of power is based. (Again not a pun).


“Shared Values”

August 1, 2007

Michael has asked me to post this comment here and I oblige:

“Shared values”

Gordon Brown on his recent visit to the USA to pay homage to Bush said that Britain and the USA has shared values. He is correct of course, unfortunately, Britain is very much tied to the failure or success of the USA, Blair made that choice when he involved Britain in the illegal invasion of Iraq instead of moving closer to both Germany and France which had the good sense to oppose it and not to get involved. The Poodle of course is still happily wagging his tail, Bush managed to get him a highly paid job masquerading as a “Peace Envoy” for the Middle East.

But let’s not fool ourselves, there’s a war raging right now but I’m not referring to either Iraq or Afghanistan, although both are a direct consequence of the real battle that is taking place and the reason British soldiers are dying. The war I’m referring to is the attempted preservation of the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency, which the USA hoped, would be used for all oil transactions. At one time every country that purchased oil from OPEC had to pay in U.S. dollars.

This enormously increased the demand for the floating dollar. Oil importing countries were faced with the problem of how to earn or borrow dollars to pay for their oil. OPEC oil countries were soon overflowing with oil dollars. Most of these oil dollars ended up in accounts in London and New York banks, but that’s changing.
It’s a battle, which in reality is already lost, the first shots actually came from that “Arch Villain” Saddam Hussian, an act which eventually led to his own death, because in November 2000 he exchanged $10 billion dollars to Euros and also started selling oil in Euros.
It is no coincidence of course that a new “Arch Villain” in our lives, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, has declared that he will accept payment for oil in any currency. It’s no coincidence that Russia is also slowly being added to the “ Axis of Evil” and that China will surely follow. China currently holds over $1 trillion as a part of their reserves but have indicated that they are going to move some of that and also reduce their monthly investment of US$ back into the US economy. It’s not a coincidence that over a year ago the US Treasury stopped issuing a report (M3) concerning money supply, because the bottom line is that the US$ is slowly becoming a currency backed by not gold or oil, but printing presses.

Since 2003 the US$ has fallen by 23% against the Euro and has fallen against all other major currencies, not surprising at all when you consider the fact that the USA is haemorrhaging money to the tune of $60 billion a month in regards to their trade deficit. A deficit that refuses to improve despite the fact that in theory US exports should be cheaper. But how much is it being affected by the fact that the USA has become the most distrusted nation in the word and that’s not just my view but also the results of many opinion polls. Investment of surplus dollars by countries such as China, Russia and the OPEC countries is falling sharply and is hardly surprising, it’s a little like asking someone to invest with a 3% interest return with 8% account charges,
The future seems uncertain in regards to the real war, which is taking place, not in relation to who the eventual victor will be, but in regards to how desperate the USA will become, and what final throws of the dice will take place.

Yes of course we have “shared values” which include bringing death and destruction all over the world simply for economic reasons, although I have to say it’s a shame those shared values didn’t end in 1776 when a group of terrorist insurgents declared independence.
Michael Lee


March 31, 2007

From the Greek: Ploutos = wealth + kratia = power. In day-to-day terms, Rule By The Rich.

A tour de force between the Socialist government and the opposition Partido Popular (Right Wing) is taking place these days in Spain regarding the purchase of the energy Company ENDESA and a Public Purchase Offer (PPO) presented by the multinational corporation E.ON, which is apparently supported by the opposition party, and another PPO from the multinational corporation ENEL together with the Spanish Building Company ACCIONA which, also apparently, have the sympathies of the government. I am not going to deal here with the technicalities of both offers nor am I going to step into, figuratively speaking, the positions held by both opposition and government, although my inclinations tend to be more favourable to the government’s.

I am going to deal here about my every day firmer conviction that the world is not ruled by political parties, be them democratic or not, nor is it ruled by the people in democratic terms. I firmly believe that the world is ruled by the rich people through a system which I would like to name Corporatocracy. I do not think I am coining any new term because I am sure many people in the world think like I do.

In the epoch of the last dictatorship the energy companies in Spain were owned by the state which controlled them through a sort of state holding : the Instituto Nacional de Industria (the National Institute of Industry). When the democracy(?) appeared in Spain after the dictator’s death, there were very important changes in the economic panorama, and little by little, with the shy opposition from the unions, the big companies changed hands from public to private, which was called privatisation.

It may not escape to anybody’s comprehension that the energy industry holds one of the safest positions in the world’s economy, particularly in the developed countries. Nothing can be done in terms of economy without the active intervention of energy, and it is in the energy sector which the avid eyes of those thinking with their purses stare continuously.

The offer presented by E.ON has been advised (?) by the following financial advisors:

BNP Parisbas S.A. – Citigroup Global Markets Ltd. – Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch –

J.P. Morgan Plc – Lehman Brothers (Europe) Ltd. – Merryll Lynch Capital Markets España S.A. –

You may find details about these companies in because given that including in any post more than one link may make me the victim of cyber hackers I am not going to oblige them by doing so. In any case in future comments I’ll be pleased to include more links that are convenient to the issue under analysis.

I think it was Richard who suggested somewhere else that without the energy suppliers we would have nothing to do, and I think he was right. They have so much power, if you think carefully about it, that I would not be able to write these simple ideas today if I do not pay them their bill every two months. The energy suppliers are fundamental for everything: house building, car making, domestic appliances, clothes, shoes, combs, pins, post stamps, etc, etc., weapons of all kinds, aircraft, ships, nukes, you name it!

And I ask at this point: do any of you believe that with these assets and the political system that rules all of us is there anyone that dares to challenge the power of an Energy Corporation?

And in practical terms, although these corporations are ruled by a wealthy elite aided by super-intelligent persons who are not permitted to wholly integrate in their social layer, the public in general with money to participate in the property of those corporations by simply buying their shares in the Stock Exchanges, also benefit from the initiatives which at all times are directed to earn more money. Only that the latter cannot effectively participate in the decisions that are concocted by the real owners of the entities, you know those holding the majority of the shares.

In any case these extra shareholders are in no way a cause of worry to the top brass of the corporations.

Nor, of course, are they a majority among the public in general of whom they are members.

And believe it or not, the SEC has also something to do with these Public Purchase Offers. Do you know what the SEC is?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

In the first comment to this post, I will give you a link to check this information about the SEC.

Oil : its price its end

January 6, 2007

The price of oil has reached in 2006 its peak returning this current year to where it started. Many have been the reasons given for the exaggerated increase, among them Iraq, Iran, some minor civil wars, Lebanon, etc, etc, but I am thinking that the sudden upsurge in price has a different motivation.

I am thinking that the real reason for this growth in prices is no more no less than an alarm felt by everyone concerned with the exploitation of oil : producing countries, oil corporations, financial system, banking, etc, etc. There are too many economic sectors related to the black gold. That alarm is because apparently oil is starting to become less.

News today is that oil is nearing its peak production and decline. That oil is going towards its end. that new energies must be developed if we want that the capitalistic ship proceeds on its money-making course. A learned geologist forecast in 2005 this was going to happen, and the sudden increase of oil corporations to exert their influence in governments to secure the supply of oil also seems to back that assertion by geologist M.K. Hubbert.

I draw your attention to this item of news appeared yesterday which has every symptom of truthfulness:

I also read today that the European Union is, at long last, vowing for renewable energies, and as I have become along the years suspicious enough not to believe that our leaders profess a tendency to clean the atmosphere or do good to their subjects, this move by the EU affirms my belief that things in questions of oil will change from now on.

Perhaps Nature is wise enough to find out that if it kept supplying oil that would mean its own death and made for the natural resource to dwindle in flowing. I do not know but the coincidence is too much obvious.