October 3, 2007

I must confess that when seachanges tagged me I had not the least idea what I had to do, I rather lately inferred I was asked to open a post in my blog to give my ideas about book preferences, which in my case is something difficult to do for the reasons I will try to give below.

That I remember not one book has particularly been of my predilection, although perhaps history novels were some time in my life my day-to-day kind of reading, but I came to decide with time that all types of reading were the focus of my attention, some of the topics also depend on the age, the epoch and the circumstances I have gone through.

What I seek in books is the views the author pour on the various/many circumstances they reflect along the pages, how the characters in the book solve their problems and what these problems are.

My big problem is time, life should last longer and days should be longer and we should need fewer hours to rest, but we’d better leave things as they are lest problems increase and then we still be experiencing the same shortage in time or perhaps even worse.