April 30, 2014

My English dictionary reads: “High personal standards of what is right and what is wrong used as a guide to behaviour”.

“A guide to behaviour”? How many among the world’s people follow this norm? If we analyse those people who live around us, we may find ourselves lost in thoughts because they may not follow principles in most cases. Is this a consequence of modern life? Or have we forgotten the teachings we inherited from our ancestors?

If we turn our eyes to politicians, then something worse is happening. Corruption has invaded our political ambit, and there seems to be a political trait that those involved commit very important crimes with briberies galore. Briberies that reach astronomical figures.

I remember my young years that there was a saying among the population – saying that I believe is still there – that one did not need more than one month to become rich in politics. That keeps being so nowadays sixty years afterwards.

Politicians in my country hold legislative immunity. They can only be judged by the High Court, something that does not happen anywhere else in the world. I can see that in many civilised countries – those in the so-called West – a politician is bound to step down for any break of an ethical principle. I have seen politicians resign for just lying, something that even happened to a President of the USA.

The ruling party here made pledges in its electoral campaign which it did not comply with once elected. And these were not  minor promises as they affected the general welfare of the population and condemned people in general to the lowest poverty indexes we ever had in this country, the number of people on the dole queue reaching six million. If we multiply this number by the average components of each family, the figure we get becomes really spectacular.

But the rich – you know, those whose role in corruption is the most important – are now richer and more powerful.

When are the people in Spain going to awake? I do not dare to say…






One Response to “Principles”

  1. Earthpal said

    Jose, my dear friend. How are you? It’s been a long while. I abandoned my blog long ago but every now and then I take a peek at past posts of my own and by my blogger friends such as your good self. I hope you and your loved ones are well and healthy. Xx

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