April 29, 2014

I have often invited guests to my home. Never have I controlled how they were dressed or how they behaved when they visited. My ways have always been those of a tolerant person, and I consider that if I invite someone home it is because I know them.

I have been asked to visit a new blog by the blogger who owned it and I wanted to oblige by sending a short post wishing him success in his adventure. My intentions were to be an asiduous visitor and take part in discussions that arose that interested me, but to my amazement I saw that my post had been subjected to moderation. And it was held so for four or five days, which I could not understand after having been invited to participate. I aborted my intentions and so let the said blogger know in correct words. He did not like it.

Urbanity does not seem to be what it was


2 Responses to “Moderations”

  1. Corri said

    Nice to see you back Jose – I agree, blogging and tweeting are about immediate interaction and five days seems a long time for someone to make up their mind about whether or not your views are welcome… Might as well go back to sending letters 🙂

  2. Jose said

    I’ve decided to forget about Facebook and Twitter and come back to conventional blogging. Ity is indeed more personal. Glad you still send your very inbteresting blogs, Corri. Best+++

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