Anthony – Anticant – goes

December 16, 2009

Anticant’s Arena will be stopping its activity because its Lord, Anthony, has so decided. And he has done so without paying attention to our preferences.

Anticant blog must not disappear from the blogging field, absolutely. His reflections on the everyday’s events on our planet, his knowledge of Britain’s most peculiar history is something that we must not lose, if we do then our connection with the immediate past of the United Kingdom will also be lost in the blogosphere – as this space has come to be known.

Anthony, too, is part – a very important one – of the British and, let me also say, of the world history.

I would suggest everybody that happens to read this post to write to Anthony – who really deserves being dubbed a Peer of the Kingdom, to reflect and reconsider his decision.

And from Anthony I ask his pardon for my selfishness by so doing. If he still keeps to his decision, then perhaps he might also decide to write a history book with the knowledge he treasures about the life in his life’s Britain.

Anthony’s site is here


10 Responses to “Anthony – Anticant – goes”

  1. I gave him my thoughts on the matter.

  2. anticant said

    You are very kind, Jose – but I don’t feel under any obligation to my ‘studio audience’ to blog unless I want to. I have always blogged solely for personal pleasure and interest, not as a duty. When I began, in 2006, I optimistically assumed that there would be plenty of room on the blogosphere for temperate discussion and civilised exchanges of views, even in today’s fraught world. I have not found this to be the case, and have grown weary of the vicious spitefulness and insensitivity amounting almost to moral idiocy which infests almost every site I look at or have posted comments on. It is, I suppose, symptomatic of the prevailing Gresham’s Law whereby the worst drives out the better in politics, media and public life so that what passes for ‘democracy’ is debased and we citizens are, as you say in your previous post, little better than slaves because of our supine ineptness and sloth. If it is indeed the case that the barbarians are not merely at the gate but well entrenched within the citadel of what used to be Western civilisation, I for one have better and more enjoyable things to do with what time remains to me than to rage futilely against the dying of the light.

  3. Jose said

    I will not tell you you are a free man because you know that. I will not tell you to stay because you are a free man. I just want to express my deep sadness because of your going because I am – or at least I feel like it – a free man, too.

    One of the best things that have happened to me these last years is having met you. What brings me to consider what freedom is really.

    Are we really free? My experience tells me we are not, and not because we are dealt with by our leaders like slaves but because our consciences compel us to oblige our “neighbours” by trying to keep them pleased by doing what it pleases them best, although that may mean to subject us to a kind of slavery. But is this really a deprivation of freedom? I am of the opinion that this attitude leads our “neighbours” to lose their own freedom by the mere fact that they feel grateful to us and being grateful is also a loss of freedom.

    I could go further with my considerations but my freedom lets me think that’s enough for yours, dear Anthony.

  4. zhisou said

    I hope you stick around Anticant, I have learnt a lot from you.

  5. Sally said

    Hello Jose, I remember you from the respect board run by Michael Lee. What has happened to it? I’ve been away a while, and it seems to have closed down. Thanks for your help. Regards, Sally

  6. Ranger said

    Hi Jose, Anticant and Lurkin’ Merkin…if you’re out there.

    • Jose said

      Hi, Ranger. Nice to have you back. Hope all is well your end. Anticant, unfortunately, has gone time ago, RIP. Lurkin must be still in his forum, although we’ve had no contact for a time.

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