Similarities between now and past epochs

October 17, 2009

When I think of the crisis we are going through these days, the past times when Britain was involved in World Wars I and II and the debts she incurred in come also to my memory. One of the outcomes of these wars was the foundation of the State of Israel, which was demanded of Britain by Baron Rothschild as a proof of gratefulness for the loans his House made to the British Government.

Not only Britain but almost all the countries of the world are now incurring in debts in a desperate effort to climb out of the pit of the crisis, which – every aspect of it so attests to -, the private banking system has submerged us into, and I am thinking which compensation will that very same banking system demand of our countries. I see around me symptoms that this may become a reality. One of the them is the efforts the Spanish PM is making for when he becomes President of the EU to set up once and for ever the State of Palestine.

It intrigues me that this is so and I wonder what more concessions will be made to the State of Israel that will stop the situation of permanent conflict in the Zone. How the Palestinians will be subdued to the more powerful neighbour state in exchange for the cease of persecutions and other excruciating pains the Israelis are inflicting on the Palestinians. Israel has not been able to do away with the resident Palestinians, much that it has done to the effect, so it seems the only solution that will be sought is to create what I may call a satellite state vassal to the Great Israel.

I am afraid the Great Israel is already on its way to be constituted, this time without any more inconveniences to the Israelis.

Experience teaches.


4 Responses to “Similarities between now and past epochs”

  1. earthpal said

    Jose, good post.

    No doubt Israel will get all the privileges, have the most control and claim the best land resulting in the continued destitution of the Palestinians. No doubt Israel will be awarded many concessions in order to allow for a state of Palestine – an inferior Palestinian state that will consist of a few scrappy remnants once the “natural growth” of the illegal settlements stops. If it ever does stop.

  2. anticant said

    Why do our so-called ‘statespersons’ persist in chasing the will-o’-the-wisp illusion that you can reconcile the irreconcilable? It only takes one to quarrel – it takes two to make peace. When two adjacent tribes hate one another as much as the Israelis and the Palestinians do, they will only resolve their conflict in one of three ways: total victory for one side (no prizes for guessing which); temporary mutual exhaustion leading to an unstable truce; forcible suppression of the conflict by a superior outside power.

    As the only superior outside power which is – or used to be – capable of restoring peace is effectively in the pocket of one of the contestants, I see no prospect of a benign resolution of this tragic situation in the foreseeable future.

  3. zhisou said

    When Israel’s justification for total dominance over the land and whoever else may live there comes from the Bible, I see no way they can compromise in the way they’re going to have to do to make real peace.

  4. Jose said

    The three opinions coincide. As myself you have no hopes that a definitive solution will be given to the problem. We have seen in History that permanent (?) solutions have only been found when the countries concerned themselves try to find them without any interference from third parties. Unfortunately oil is always the background of anything that happens in the Middle East, where Israel has been placed as a police state, which I don’t think will be a pleasure for the inhabitants of Israel.

    And in oil every country in the world is interested, so I am afraid the solutions that will be found will be in the benefit of everybody else, not Palestinians or Israelis for that matter.

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