Urgent attention of Earthpal

July 18, 2009

I’ve been trying to access your blog for two days now but something prevents me from doing so. Despite giving my name and password the blog keeps saying it is protected and I must give them again and again.


2 Responses to “Urgent attention of Earthpal”

  1. earthpal said

    Sorry Jose. It should be visitable now. I don’t know what happened but I’ve been experimenting and maybe it caused some access problems. Greenpress.com contacted me and invited me to move my blog over to their site. I don’t want to move blogs so I decided to open a sister blog instead which will probably be largely neglected because I don’t have the time to run one blog, never mind two. Lol.

    Thanks for missing me. You’re a love.

  2. zhisou said

    EP you can export and import posts, so you could export your Scorched Earth/Earthpal stuff over to the Greenpress and just have one without losing the history.

    That’s what I’ve done – my old MrZ blog sits at the bottom of my current Z one.

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