The Spirit

February 14, 2009

An English dictionary: The intelligent or immaterial part of “man” as distinguished from the body//the animating or vital principle in living things.

So far so good. There are other definitions of what a spirit is, but I am very much afraid that they have been taken out of religious texts. Soul is the differentiating trait in human attitudes, as differentiating are the traits in the physiognomy of them, because the rest of the body may present traits which are not standard but this is just not the normal natural aspect of persons.

What does the spirit of a person represent? And how the spirit is achieved? Yes, achieved. Is it a trait God gives to each of us?

I am not intending to mix religions in this post, it would be very daring of me and it would most probably molest many of the potential readers.

Apart from the macho definition of that dictionary I have had for many years now, I am inclined to believe  spirit is the part of the human being – woman or man – that concerns their attitude towards life and their fellow persons, or animals or plants within their surroundings, or even themselves.

What one thinks of other is a conception that is derived from one’s spirit. What one feels for another is a sentiment that is derived from the spirit. When one is angry, the spirit is working negatively, when one loves then the work is positive.

Is this the product of education? Yes, in a way. But no, in another way. Education in most times is responsible fo what one thinks  is good or is bad. But who or what has decided what is good or bad? In my opinion, nobody or nothing. Yes, good or bad may not have come out of religious doctrines, it is a spiritual sentiment that compels us to feel in a particular way towards our fellow humans, or things or animals or plants.

Religions have those two aspects of our nature in all their teachings, but this has not been because their doctors have come to that conclusion out of their intelligence. Their intelligence is shared by us, normal persons of the street. Trying to impersonate God has also always been one of these doctors’ traits who have believed themselves to be owners of truth, but truth is independent, free and cannot be anybody’s weapon.

God is intangible, God cannot be touched, or understood, anyone that dares to say the contrary is outright wrong.

Who is wrong or who is right?  Are men wrong or right? Are women wrong or right? Is sex right or wrong? Which type of sex is right or wrong? Who are we humans to dictate what our spirits decide regarding anything?

These are questions that occur to me very often. The definitive answer has not yet come to my mind – or is it spirit?


12 Responses to “The Spirit”

  1. God is intangible, God cannot be touched, or understood, anyone that dares to say the contrary is outright wrong.

    I certainly know people who would give you a good run for your money in debating that one, Jose.

    (Notice I didn’t say what I think!)

  2. Jose said

    Indeed, Merkin. LOL.

  3. Merkin said

    Jose, this is where I have been recently.

    It may be worth a look.

    PS did you ever get the Craig Murray book placed anywhere?

  4. Jose said

    I’ve placed Murray’s book here:

    And I’ll be opening a post here after I have finished reading it.

    Apart from that I passed it over to a couple of friends.

  5. Jose said

    And thank you for the link. I’ll be visiting shortly.

  6. Bodwyn Wook said

    A nice banner you have, Jose! The Canaries, I take it? It is a gorgeous vista.

    Otherwise, I find, it is just a lot easier to have definite opinions about things, and to ennunciate their absolute validity. This helps me for one no end, especially to abate the damned semicolons!

  7. Jose said

    Well, It isn’t the Canaries, Bodwyn, but panoramas here are very similar. That’s why I chose it. My avatar, though, is a pic of the Teide Peak, a tall volcano still active in Tenerife, the tallest mountain in Spanish territory (3,730 m approx).

    Definite opinions are not easy to be acquired, doubt is always a trait in the human conscience. Circumstances change and what was green yesterday may turn to grey tomorrow.

  8. zhisou said

    Tuning in to your spirit is one the hardest things to do – I have a belief I haven’t quite worked out involving interconnectedness of “spirits” (that’s maybe not the right word).

  9. Jose said

    You’re right, Zhisou. What’s inside our minds that prevents us from really getting a clear view of our inner beings?

    Inner contradictions – which we call doubts in most cases – are always there. Some of us end up by disregarding them, others keep them handy for a clarification later on, or for ever if that clarification never arrives.

    Welcome, Zhisou.

  10. Bodwyn Wook said

    “I” of course spend lots of time regressing into political arguments which doesn’t help….

    But otherwise all one seems able to try to do is lots of Active Imagination (at 3 AM is a good time!) and creative visualisation, and sometimes actually seeing good outcomes that do not exclude ‘good’ of ‘evil’ (both so very real now), and that open up molecular existence to a wider and deeper place.

  11. Jose said

    What does our mind have that takes us to those unthinkable heights?

    What are we but nothing?

  12. Wook said

    All, or nothing?

    All…and nothing?

    Nothing /in/ all.

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