January 24, 2009

I see the media care about the likely systems of energy proposed to replace oil and suppress contamination, and apparently everything points out to nuclear energy, deceitfully advising it to be the least contaminating.

Nuclear energy is dangerous on one side because it is subject to human control and on the other because their waste is very difficult, if not impossible,  to dispose of without contaminating. And I wonder why solar, wind and sea energies are not more researched, being as they are natural, cheap sources of energy. In my opinion there is a fundamental cause for the preference: its set-up costs place it very far from a relatively average pocket. Corporations – again this word! – must be formed to organise power plants. We, the people in general, the only part that can have in it is our investment in those corporations and which in fact helps to exploit us, ironically.

In effect, the costs of building wind mills to produce energy would little by little decrease as  demand grows, placing them at the reach of households. The same would happen with solar and marine energies.

In real fact, what makes governments  opt for nuclear energy,  in my opinion,  is that obtaining the source of energy – uranium – is not at the reach of any household, therefore practically impossible that the power (not a pun) given by the privately controllable sources: oil and uranium,  would always be held by the powers-that-be (not a pun,  either).

Energy is the real source of power for those who command. We need it and are ready to pay for it: in homes, motor-cars, aeroplanes, industry, sea craft, war machines, everything relies on energy, and…we pay for it the price which curiously enough is not inside the frame of the “free market”. At least that gives a subtle appearance of public control, but we all know that eventually it is not so.

The control keeps being held by those who control the governments.

It is so easy if we unite, but no,  every effort is done to keep us the furthest from one another.

On this the strength of power is based. (Again not a pun).


4 Responses to “Energy”

  1. Because of the perspectives related to climate change … wind and solar aren’t really as reliable as most us would like to believe … but don’t get me wrong, I’m for the complete ban of nuclear energy … excepting for scientific research …

  2. Jose said

    Well, Gilmour Poincaree, you are right in what you say, but researches can obviate the problem you mention with wind and solar energies. After all the beginnings of oil had the same problem, until quite recently when the use of lead tetraethyl started being avoided.

    I can imagine hundreds of differently-owned power stations with a competition in services and prices around the world.

    And of course a cheap and clean power.

    I most sure will not be seeing this, but our descendants may if undertaken in earnest.

  3. I know it’s possible … Germany has showed us the way … nevertheless, global climate change can really screw up future perspectives for solar and wind energy … of course things could happen in a very different way, global climate change could unsettle for good a permanent state of climate imbalance … which might eventually benefit wind energy … or our atmosphere could degrade to the point of drastically reducing its capacity of withholding water particles … then, I guess sun energy could certainly benefit from such … neverthelss, global climate change of such scope and measure, would, in the mid term, wipe out the entire human race …

  4. Jose said

    Indeed. There are alternatives that, most important of it all, will take off our shoulders the weight of that climate change hovering above us. That is becoming urgent really.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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