When in Rome do as Romans do

January 10, 2009

I am really fed up with everything I read and listen. And suddenly that saying came to my mind and made me think again on what is happening in the world.

I live in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, once attacked by Admiral Nelson and where he lost his arm and where he had to submit to the islanders and where he and his men( no women then) were cared by the Tenerife people as though they were their best friends. Things that happened then and that ceased to happen since. If I were to go to another Canary Island I would try to behave as those who live in that island behave, because we all have different ways to live and behave.

I wonder why Spanish and other nationalities do not have that way of thinking that was the usual thing many years ago. I remember when I went to Britain I tried to se how British acted and I tried to do what they did. I had no problems whatsoever.

Why colonialists did not act as their colonists acted is a product of human arrogance. Perhaps the people they colonised, morally, were far better than them, but was it religion that made them think otherwise? Or was it education where religion those times had a very important influence? I cannot say.

What I can say is that the powers of the world – where the US, Russia, China and India are included – see themselves as people that can invade and change the conduct of the locals by means that are deceitful – such as the implant of democracy – when what they are after is richness and control of natural resources.

On the other side of the oceans, immigrants want themselves be respected by those who they must respect in the first place. They want that their customs and rites be superimposed to those already in use in the visited country. I wonder whether they would tolerate British or Spanish or Russians or Indians or Chinese to superimpose their customs and habits if they were in the immigrants’ birth lands.

In my opinion this is the responsibility of laws and authorities of the welcoming countries and immigrant minorities cannot by any means demand that the local customs be changed to adapt to theirs.

The invasion of the coalition forces in Iraq was meant to change the customs and rites of that particular country, Democracy was paramount in that invasion, or at least that was the excuse. We all know what was really behind it.

Palestine is today the word in vogue. The State of Israel , as we all know, usurped the Palestinian lands, and it tries by all means to become the overwhelming power in the region. Instead of acting as Palestinians do Israel has wanted to impose its views and opinions and, most dangerous of it all, its concept of religion – often used with biased intentions – over the other religions of the zone, the Christian religion included although Israel has been wise enough to use Christianity for its own aims. Once and if everything is solved to Israel’s satisfaction we will then see Cristianity become another enemy of the Zionist State.

But coming back to Europe, my question is the question that every European asks themselves: why the immigrants do not respect the laws that are in force in the visited country? They were not called to be there, therefore they should take that circumstance into account.

The Law and its servers must see to it that those laws be respected, using all the means on hand, disregarding what the visitors may have in their minds as to the ways of living in the new country.

Elections, votes, parliaments, etc., are there for something. Or aren’t they?

What I can see from my sad chair is that everybody wants to deceive everybody using the methods everybody lays at their disposal to that end. If the word is racism, then racism will be the excuse. If the word is ethnic cleansing, then this will be the excuse


6 Responses to “When in Rome do as Romans do”

  1. anticant said

    Jose, when you reflect upon the treatment – sometimes amounting to genocide – meted out by Europeans to the indigenous populations of North and South America, Africa, Asia, India, and the Middle East since teh sixteenth century onwards, you cannot be surprised that Europe is now suffering the consequences in the form of aspirations to “reverse colonialism” on the part of some of those immigrants who have come to live in our countries during the past thirty or forty years.

    It is a case of the Biblical prophecy that the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the children.

    And until realistic policies are put into place for first containing and ultimately eliminating it, things will I fear get worse.

    First and foremost, we Westerners [including the United States] need to pluck the beam from our own eye and stamp out the remaining vestiges of cultural and economic imperialism and assumptions of superiority such as we see being manifested in Palestine at the present moment.

    Until we do so, we cannot begin to deal with the grievances of our growing non-European population in Europe.

  2. Jose said

    Yes, you are right in that, Anticant. Nevertheless we cannot but think that behaviour in past centuries have ceased to exist in the present times. We have learnt. We now know that what our ancestors did in past centuries was wrong and even criminal and murderous, but because we know that now, it is our duty to try to reconduct the process. Laws are enacted because we must coexist, and aliens should be taught that principle.

    We elect our representatives to parliaments and we must impress upon them that our living conditions must be respected by every one living with us, alien or local. Let bygones be bygones and try to make a better world despite what our so-called leaders do.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea that means are provided for any immigrants to attend special schools where they be taught the principles by which we rule ourselves.

  3. anticant said

    Unfortunately, though you and I, and a good few other people, have learnt, “We” – meaning the West as a whole, and most of its current leading politicians, industrialists, and military folk – have not: there is abundant atrocious behaviour on record during the past half-century – much of it perpetrated by the oh-so-Godly Americans [who appear to me to live in a delusionary haze of self-congratulation].

    I agree with you whole-heartedly that ‘aliens’ – by which I suspect you mean non-European Muslims – living in Europe should be expected to abide by OUR norms, and certainly not to seek to impose theirs upon us. But alas, the nonsensical doctrine of ‘multiculturalism’, which teaches that ALL religions cultures, and customs are worthy of respect as constituting equally benign strands of life’s rich tapestry, has taken a grip on much Western policymaking – in the UK anyway – and will have to be tested to destruction before enough people realise how idiotic it is.

    The danger then will be that many will see racism as a justified alternative.

  4. Jose said

    Yes, Anticant. It seems circumstances will lead us in that way. The middle-of-the-way behaviour does not seem to be in the minds of our representatives. Those person who we elect must absolutely think of us rather than of those who have chosen to live with us. Not only Muslims but other religions as well. They must think of the majority living in a country, not sacrifice that majority because, as you say, of idiotic principles.

    That or declare publicly that Democracy is dead.

  5. merkin said

    ‘I am really fed up with everything I read and listen.’

    Everyone does, at times.

    I have heard some very noble warriors, recently, say that they can’t continue to tell the truth on the web – they are just sooooooooo tired.

    Don’t let the forces that oppress you oppress you

    ie don’t let the bastards get you down !!

  6. Jose said

    Thank you, Merkin. You’re the usual kind person, but low morale becomes the human being. The problem is how to sidestep it in the best of the cases, to overcome it in the less worse.

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