Old bogey men have become new lullabies

December 22, 2008

I am really worried about the turn  people’s opinions are taking about new situations in the world today, and they all have been as a consequence of frustrations with our own politicians that have failed us outright. We are disappointed with what we believed to be the panacea for our ills.

Democracy has become our demon, because that Democracy we thought to be our salvation less than a century ago, is showing now that it has been placed at the disposal of those it was meant to fight against.

As a result of this, we have turned our eyes towards far places : China, India, Russia; places that news that now reach us more easily than it used to be tell us are thriving in the economies of today. What old doctrines seemed to us – because it so was taught us at the time – the works of the Devil,  are now ended and the countries that held them have become the paradigm of our ideals. But people in those countries have not changed, well at least they have changed in ideals but I am sure they persist in their ambitions, as we also do.

What has happened for this to be so? What phenomenon has compelled us to forget the old ideas and made us stick to the new system that those old enemy countries have adopted – apparently of course because their leaders still have the same ambitions the old idealists had?.

We should not admire those countries, we should try to make ours the best places to live in, with the best economic, healthy conditions that we have all the time pursued in our lives.

Amen. And excuse me for having turned so nationalistic but I am starting to believe that we should first of all make our home habitable.


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