October 26, 2007

Who or what is Satan? Religions have been very concerned about this stereotype of evil, in such a way that they have come to consider it – don’t call me profane, please – at the same level they consider God. Well, if not at the same level at least at the same level in nether regions of spiritualism, an antagonistic force to God’s.

Religions have considered Satan the antithesis of everything godly because they have found they had to have an entity whom to blame for what allegedly is anti-God attitudes, something so imposing that the human beings should be careful not to be drawn by in their way towards God.

Actions and reactions.

In my opinion God and Demon have been meant to be two components of our spiritual being. The one against the other has been exploited for centuries by those who have also exploited us to achieve their goals in our world. Why have they been used almost in all cases when our attitudes have been worth of spiritual study?

If we dare to fall in the Demon’s hands, then we will be entirely against God. But if we reflect on these doctrines we were taught in our early years, we may arrive at the conclusion that the Demon- Satan – was “instituted” to make us fear his influence and definitely dedicate ourselves to the God’s cause.

Does Satan exist? Does God exist?

Well perhaps if we ponder over the two concepts we may conclude they both exist, at least spiritually. I mean inside our spirits, inside our innermost beings. Not that I am being influenced by religions, but because I am convinced that ethics or morals have a remotest origin derived from the successive centuries of coexistence we, mortal beings, have been given to live.

That this was imbued into our minds by a God is something nobody can prove, but along the years many have tried to convince us that God exists and the Devil exists.

It is very simple: If we want to obtain God’s approval then we must reject Satan’s influence.


5 Responses to “Satan”

  1. anticant said

    Of course God and the Devil exist, within each human being, as you rightly say Jose. They are component parts of everyone’s personality, and there is constant war between them. But they don’t exist ‘out there’ in any objective fashion. That notion is religion’s ‘category mistake’, and a triumph of the Devil, because it leads to manifold wickednesses being done in the name of some abstract ‘God’.

  2. seachanges said

    Perhaps it is too simple to assume that there are only these two categories, I am just reading Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf again (having read it for the first time at the tender age of twenty or so…) and reflecting on the story and the suggestion that there are many many more aspects to human beings, it may just be that religion has cleverly strengthened our suspicion that there may just be one choice only: god or devil, or, either you are with us or against us!

  3. Richard said

    “Satan” resides in our ‘dark side’ – as i see it.

  4. anticant said

    Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself (I am large, I contain multitudes).

    – Walt Whitman

  5. matt said

    The ability to commit evil is there with all of us. Normally it takes certain triggers in our surrounding environment for the absolute wicked to occur; absolute fear within a state of war being a more obvious example.

    But as another commenter says above there are many different levels to which good and bad can be committed by groups & individuals. Saying that these are influenced by a god or a devil is clearly not helpful, except for passing the blame!

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