What is the Spirit in the Human Being?

October 23, 2007

This is copypasted from Richard’s forum http://gatwickcity.phpbb3now.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=148&p=859#p859 because I felt I could use your wise thoughts in trying to find out what our spirits are.


Spirit? What is spirit? Can we consider spirit the innermost arcane in the human being which conditions our so-called heartfelt behaviour? Is it really mysterious or is there any explanation to give about the spirit?

If blood does not circulate in our brains it seems our spirit suspends its activity. I say it seems because nobody so far – correct me if I am wrong – has established as a fact that the blood has nothing to do with the functioning of our brain, in fact a simple, minute clot can do the task of suppressing any neural feelings in our body, whilst we are not sure whether the spirit goes on “working”.

So must we consider that that spirit is in fact a condition inherent to the human anatomy related to the blood stream and the complicated system of veins and arteries that is a fundamental part of our organism?

One other aspect to be considered is that human being born with unusual impediments, such as Down Syndrome individuals, impediments that the Science has not been able to find a solution to. Are these human beings born with the same type of spirit we are born with?

And what about what education, breeding does to the human being as far as the spirit is concerned? Why are we not all equal in that connection? Are we born all equal, generally speaking, and our behaviour is conducted by the education we receive and the experiences we live along our lives or are there differences in the way we are conceived?

Sorry, friends. Too many questions.


Thank you for your patience.


One Response to “What is the Spirit in the Human Being?”

  1. anticant said

    And very profound questions, Jose – too profound to attempt an answer here.

    I am still reading Lakoff and Johnson’s “Philosophy in the Flesh”, which gives some novel and challenging insights to this mystery.

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