October 22, 2007

Are we free? Do we really use our free will? What is freedom?

People speak of freedom as though it were something tangible, something that we have a right to, and I often wonder whether this is truly so. My conclusions always are it is not.

To be free we must have an absolute capacity to behave without any kind of interferences from anywhere or anything or anybody. And this is in practice clearly impossible. Something or somebody will always influence our freedom, no matter how proud we may be of wielding the ideals of liberty. There is no such.

Our right to freedom is also hampered by our duty to coexist. In a way coexistence limits our liberties, which is not in itself negative but suggests our dreams of liberty are nothing but that, dreams.

Democracy also seems to give us a charter to behave as we freely like. Let us not delude ourselves: democracy is illusory, it does not exist, it is not our daily way of existence or coexistence.

There exist influential factors in everything we do,  even in our thoughts, they are all affected by external circumstances, by education, by the reading we do or the news we hear or read, by our environment, by Nature, by our families and friends, by the laws which presumibly are enacted to strengthen our liberties but which ultimately constrain them. In actual fact we are living a life of oppression, an oppression that ends up by making us slaves of the circumstances.

Long back in time man and woman were not free either, they did not have an education to go by. Today we do, most of us, have an education, have read multitude of books by learned persons whose principles we have been assimilating gradually, or rebutting in a limited scale. Why? Because our education has not been wholesome, has not been leading us to think for ourselves, it has been an education, generally speaking, conducive to our leaning on those principles which, it has been found out with time, are prejudicial for our free thinking and liberties.

It is time for the world to get aware what is the line of conduct suitable to a better coexistence, to ignore the sirens’ songs of those politicians whose aim is just their own egotistical interest,  and try to unite with those people whose ways of thinking are similar in a effort to overcome the ever increasingly overwhelming dictates of our leaders.

Dictates that are meant to coerce our liberties and thoughts.


5 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. earthpal said

    Interesting post Jose.

    Many of us don’t even have the freedom of thought because the guilt-burdening religious institutions control our moral thinking to such a level that even thinking bad thoughts is deemed to be a sin.

    Perhaps our ancient ancestors, with no formal education and without the restrictions of society and all it’s trappings, were much freer. They were certainly free from the stresses and tensions that materialism brings. But, as you mentioned, they were still bound by the laws of nature to survive.

    You’re right. Even in our full and comprehensive education, to a larger-than-healthy extent, we are being mind-controlled. We are certainly not being encouraged to think for ourselves.

    Basically though, the freedoms that we percieve as the free will to do as we please are restricting in themselves. In my view, we will never be free while we practise divisiveness and intolerance. We will never be free while we continually lust after material wealth. We will never be free while others starve. And we will never be free while we hate. Our governments know and depend on this.

  2. Jose said

    Your usual kind self, Earthpal. You say “our governments know and depend on this”, this is true. It seems governments and religious institutions thrive on people’s fear of the unknown or of those aspects of our lives they have so interestedly exaggerated.

  3. anticant said

    Isaiah Berlin said that while we cannot be certain that we have free will, we usually act on the assumption that we do.

    If this is a delusion, and we are merely puppets, who is pulling our strings?

  4. seachanges said

    The eternal question between free will and determinism, fought over by philosophers as well as religions will probably always remain that: a question of what we mean by ‘free will’, as anticant implies above, if we assume that there is no such thing as free will (because something or other will always influence us, or determine our progression through life) then we end up having to assume that there is a clockmaker in the sky above….

  5. Richard said

    Pre-destination and free-will are one of life’s ‘insolubles’, in my view – like tring to understand ‘eternity’. We humans simply do not have the ability to get our heads round certain ideas.

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