Respect versus Law

October 6, 2007

Our friend Anticant, perhaps inadvertently, gave me the idea  of this post. Almost every country has a written constitution which is called the Mother of All Laws, except the case of the United Kingdom where the Law rules. But I regret to say that all laws today are a reflection of religion in a way, ethics some times been likened to religions, too.

I think that perhaps this is so because those who cultivated the art of writing were mainly from the clergy side of our societies, persons who had been brought up in religious backgrounds, so somehow this is quite logical.

But the human mind has learnt to think by itself without the support of those who have been exalted to higher positions among us, most of the times undeservedly. Primitivism has long been forgotten, there exist primitives among us but that circumstance is sporadic as education has been declared compulsory by law in most countries of the world.

Why must there be a law for this and laws for so many other incidences in our lives?

If what is taught to children since their earliest principles is the cultivation of Respect in all the ambits of their lives, then perhaps laws would not be necessary, because laws are made by persons like you and me and are in many cases absolutely unfair and unjust. In this connection the use of bail comes to my mind as unjust and unfair. That a person just for the fact that she/he has money enough can be temporarily freed from the obligation to be in jail, whereas another person with no means and who has committed a lesser crime cannot is something that I personally cannot understand. The same happens with too many other aspects of our legislations as is the employment of lawyers and attorneys who defend you better or worse depending on their standing in their profession…and their fees. There are some honourable exceptions, of course.

If Respect were deeply ingrained in everybody, racism would not exist, nor would any differences among us which today are the reasons of conflicts, or at least they might be reduced to acceptable minimums.

Can I not be utopian?

Let me, please!!!


4 Responses to “Respect versus Law”

  1. anticant said

    In an ideal world we would live in a state of virtuous anarchy – individual self-rule without external government or laws. In an imperfect world some government is necessary although many people would say the less the better because all governments have a tendency to become more oppressive than liberating.

    I agree that the more self-Respect, and mutual Respect, there is in society the less need for laws and compulsion. But in a modern complex society there will always be the need for quite extensive government. The focus then shifts to ensuring that government is competent and honest. This becomes increasingly difficult when values erode and standards slip so that the previously unthinkable becomes acceptable and commonplace.

    I fear that is where we are today, and wish I knew what could be done about it. The notions of honesty and integrity I grew up with have all but vanished. Fifty years ago it was safe to assume that most people were honest and trustworthy until found to be otherwise. Today the boot is on the other foot entirely, and it is foolish – indeed, dangerous- to take anyone at face value. A lamentable state of affairs!

  2. seachanges said

    It is of course utopian but one I wholeheartedly support. One magic wish coming true – in the meantime, we’ve got to continue to believe that the majority of mankind does want a better world. The problem is that we all have different ideas about what such a world might look like. Accepting and accommodating that difference in opinion is part of the original concept of a Social contract. Tolerance is an inherent part of respect.

  3. Richard said

    “My dog is a good dog. How is he so good when human beings have to have parents, teachers, vicars and books (counsellors & laws – Ed) ?”

    (Wartime Brains Trust Question 1941)

  4. anticant said

    Every good dog needs a trainer!

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