September 30, 2007

Where is the sin in sex? Ah! Sin, that word that assails woman and man continuously regardless of what sin really means. Religions have dictated strict measures for their followers to interpret the sense of sin. There is no way to escape their interpretation of what a sin is and how it should be avoided. Religions as we all know are based on fear of an after life.

I remember a funny story of a very chaste lady who died and went straight up  to heavens, there to find that many other women of doubtful chastity also had been admitted. Upon asking she was told that having sex promiscuously was not a sin.

Who is the owner of truth in this Earth of ours?

Sex is one of the most important perks of our life. Without sex we are subject to be the prey of some important illnesses, as with sex we may able to experience illnesses of a different nature if we are not careful enough, but sex is something we have been created with and we cannot ignore. Having sex is tantamount to having food, to washing, to walking, thinking, in sum to all the needs that being alive imply.

There is a mandatory precept in religious books : grow and multiply yourselves; religions only think of themselves without the merest attention to anyone’s personal needs. There are religions that have implemented the biblical mandate to have sex with the corresponding reservations that are suitable to the particular religion. Sexual ablation or periods when sex is not permitted are rife everywhere, but in my opinion the concept of sin cannot be applicable to a woman’s or a man’s libidos because sex in itself is something that has been conferred upon us since we have been born and there is the freedom inherent to the person to use it however that person deems convenient. One other thing is the freedom of the human being to procreate or not. By the way when religions were conceived hundreds, or thousands, of years ago there were not the requirements a human being encounters these days, and that I know for religions to change a cataclysm must occur in the religious ambit.

 Don’t be gullible or naive. Use sex and enjoy it as best you can.

Respect is another side of the question, if there is not any respect among us then sex can be catastrophic.

As catastrophic as the lack of it is in other aspects of our life.


8 Responses to “SEX”

  1. anticant said

    We have to begin by respecting ourselves. Unless we do that, we won’t respect other people.

  2. earthpal said

    Absolutely Jose.

    Why is it that the religious leaders try to control our sexual urges? Why do they try to control us by putting huge burdens of guilt upon us for doing what comes naturally?

    In the context of consenting adults, our sexual behaviour does not and should not define our ethical morality but unfortunately, people are all too often judged for it.

    Anticant, wise words as ever.

  3. anticant said

    It’s simple, earthpal! Control is what religion is all about, and sex-guilt is the most potent weapon for attacking people’s self-esteem and making them subservient. Haven’t you noticed that when the churches – especially the Catholic Church – lecture us about morality it is nearly always sex they are rabbiting on about – very rarely the wickedness of war, murder, theft, or usury.

    I had a wise grandmother – very modern for her day – who used to say “what do a bunch of celibate men in skirts know about it?” What, indeed!

  4. Richard said

    In general, we’re very ‘screwed up’ about sex in England – unhealthily so.

    We still have not yet recovered from the very ‘Victorian’ attitudes which have persisted beyond their sell-by date.

    Even so, if a bloke makes a pass at my wife – in the hope I was looking the other way – they’d be trouble !

  5. seachanges said

    What can I add to this? 🙂
    Jose: I’ve tagged you for a book meme: let us know what your favourite books are….

  6. earthpal said

    Anticant, so true. And some of those “celibate men in skirts” who claim a moral-superiority are actually child-molesters and if they’re not molesters themselves, they’re often hiding/protecting those that are.
    Hi Richard. Yes, those good old Victorian sex and morality values have certainly left their legacy.
    My view is that if it’s in the context of consenting adults then it’s no-one else’s business but when two people have made a commitment to each other there are definite boundaries.

  7. Jose said

    The Catholic Church has even a stronger weapon, the so-called secret of confession. Something they adhere to even giving their lives if necessary.

    Sex is as much natural as being born and dying. Something we have been gifted with, something that we must by no means spoil but use in its just measure.

    What religions say about it is, like Anticant so rightly says, a means of control.

    Fear of the Hell, always the word “fear” when people need to be controlled.

  8. Richard said


    What if “two consenting adults” have made “commitments…with boundaries” elsewhere ?

    For most “adults” this is often the case – and wherein lies the problem ?

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