Has life any sense?

July 18, 2007

The humankind has gone a long way since the olden times of primitivity. Then it is presumed that people could not think on why they were living, they just had to earn their living by hunting and fishing and eat all the delis Nature of then had to offer them. Not today. They were also had for lunch or dinner by their fellows, or enemies, and wild animals.

Education has served us to think about our existence and its reason to be.

Not that the world has changed very much, we still see how the human being feels attracted to having conflicts, to killing and to enjoy as much as possible of the delis Nature offers these days, although I am ready to bet they are not of the same quality our ancestors procured for their nourishment, we humans tend to spoil everything we touch.

Why do we live? The instant answer should be plainly: because we are conceived by our mothers, a fruit of a sexual intercourse with a male or, if this is not available, because the seed that originates us has been previously kept in a glass container in temperatures well below zero degrees centigrades. But that is not the answer sought by that question: is there really a reason to exist?

Naturally enough we are born, we live as long as our individual circumstances permit and then we die, ending up like organic fertilisers or in an ever increasing number burnt to ashes. I suppose ashes are also fertilisers of a kind, I do not know.

Religions have been invented to give life a reason to be: that of an after life where there would only be bliss or fire, depending on how we have behaved during our life, until too recently the Catholic religion also had limbo, now in disuse because too many more people than in the other two outlets were cramming that middle-of-the-way destination.

But my opinion is that everything we must do must be done on this world of ours, in fact religions also impose this premise if their followers want to enjoy happiness after they are dead. Which in itself is not a bad idea.

Morals and ethics are the most important weapons we ought to use here, both should be often wielded and nursed with care so as to keep them continuously operational. That is a sense to our existence: to get oneself so used to the use of these two weapons that the lack of them would make us lose our balance in our relations with the rest of the humans, animals or plants, because these two are also a part of our existence, not only the human beings.

To be satisfied with what we do for our fellow humans, for the Nature, is a target we all should attach to a normal existence. To claim any compensation for this attitude would automatically deprive us of its most important component. Going to bed at night with the satisfaction of a well done work is not enough, going to bed with the satisfaction of having treated the rest of the living things in a correct way should be the climax of our fullfilled moral and ethical obligations during the day.

I cannot understand how people think that amassing big fortunes is a sense for living, when we all know we are bound to be dust after we die. The pharaohs of old died and were interred with riches around them, the rich of today do not consider this to be a good investment, but those who die cannot enjoy at the moment of their death of the big fortunes made at the expense of the rest of their human fellows, I do not know what they will think at that moment, but I would say if they have the chance to think perhaps they will lament to die because they leave all those coins behind.

Nothing satisfies more to an ethical, moral human being than the safisfaction of having struggled to behave as is correct along their lives. Nothing.

I’ll try to die like it. From then on my being will be nothing but dust – or ash.


7 Responses to “Has life any sense?”

  1. anticant said

    Typical of the RC Church to abolish the most realistic of its postulated future states! We all live in Limbo in the here-and-now. We know not whence we came, nor whither we go. Chuang-Tzu said “Am I a man dreaming that I am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?” I’m not sure. Are you, Jose – or anyone else?

    As for morals and ethics, my view is that they are more convincing when viewed as an innately human responsibility – not a God-imposed one. Tom Paine – who contrived to be at the cutting edge of both the American and French Revolutions – said “I am a citizen of the world, and my religion is to do good.” That goes for me too.

  2. seachanges said

    This reminds me of a book I had by my bedside for a long time: ‘What am I doing here?’ by Bruce Chatsworth. Ethics and morality cannot possibly be religion imposed: see where that has got us so far! different religions provide different ethics/standards and it all becomes a mess with one group trying to impose on others. And who decides which one is right? No, moral behaviour is each and everyone’s responsibility and I agree with you Jose that that is something that cannot possibly be about amassing a fortune, especially not when that is at the expense of others.

  3. Jose said

    I coincide with you, Anticant, on your view about ethics and morals, and yes, seachanges, we must learn to coexist by using mutual respect.

  4. Jose said

    And, Anticant, whoever knows our “origins” and our “destinations” cannot be but somebody alien to us earthly things.

  5. Richard said

    Wasn’t it George Eliot who said : “What is life all about if not to make things less difficult for each other” ?

  6. Richard said

    “What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other” – George Eliot

  7. Jose said

    Amen to that, Richard.

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