June 1, 2007

Having to read so many blog sites as I do every day simply makes me wonder whether this is really good for my health, mainly for my mental health. My political inclinations are quite clear for me. My moral inclinations are quite clear for me. My human motivations – Richard – are clear as far as I am concerned.

I am awfully sorry because I cannot dedicate my attention to as many blogs and forums as I would like, therefore I will be reducing my range of attention to just a few blogs every day, those blogs will be shown in my blogroll and my attention regarding forums will be dedicated to the forum my loyalty has always been for, Respect, here


Thank you for understanding my motivations, just time is the key here.

My very best wishes to you all and my encouragement to proceed with all your ideals for a better world.


11 Responses to “Exhaustion”

  1. earthpal said

    Jose, I understand what you’re saying.

    It’s because you are such a loyal, warm and obliging person. But, yes, blog loyalty can be exhausting.

    Thanks for keeping my blog in your new blogroll. It makes me feel very privileged. Just visit as and when you feel like it but you’re always welcome.

    Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  2. seachanges said

    I do understand and I am also very happy that you’re keeping mine on. It is exhausting trying to keep up with too many things at the same time, and I very much welcome your continued visit! My very best!

  3. seachanges said

    And I have now linked your petition in my blog, support it wholeheartedly and have signed.

  4. Understood Jose, there is so much informative and important info available to us here on blogs and in the web in general it is indeed exhausting to keep up with it all. Your frustration is shared by many of us I would imagine and I commend you for keeping up with as many as well as you do. Not only is the shear volume a task to keep up with but I think the blogs we frequent can be extremely exhausting and depressing in terms of their topics. This can be harmful to ones health for sure if not taken in moderation, but important to try and keep up with none the less. Be sure to give yourself the time you need and keep yourself surrounded with happy topics too as much as possible.

    I am honored that you can add to my page when you can, please don’t feel obligated but I do consider it a privilege to have your thoughts expressed there and your contributions to my posts continue to educate me. Thank you Jose.

  5. Jose said

    Thank you, friends, very much for your understanding.

  6. christianzionismexposed said

    Rest your body and mind, Jose. I don’t know where the blogroll is (I had to page through all your old posts or many to get here at the most recent..which says much about my tech abilities) but, whether mine is on it or not, I always appreciate your thoughts and respect you greatly.

    If we don’t protect ourselves, we are of no good to anyone. A mind and heart like yours makes the world a better place…protect it, my dear Jose!

  7. Jose said

    You are the usual kindest to me, CZE, and you know I do appreciate this kindliness as you deserve it.

    Your blog is in my blog roll and as you know I read it once or twice every day.

    Your fight for your Christian values, your despise of hypocrisy are becoming legendary in the blog world.

  8. dansky said

    Hey Jose,

    Just take it easy. When it becomes a chore, it becomes a job. Nobody wants a job, Jose. 😉

  9. Aaron said


    I was logged in as the boy!

  10. zolainkspots said

    Fuck me I need an abortion.

  11. zolainkspots said

    Happy postcards welcome.
    Yee-haa we are on a roll agin.
    Kiss me Quick.

    Next step the Eurovision Song Contest.

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