Why does the Right so much opposes the many attempts that have been made to enact legislation on the abortions? It is incredible how the political parties that win elections use this prerogative to avoid that the part of the population that has not voted for them be considered as such: a part of the whole that the parties are obliged to take into account when laws are to be passed. On the contrary what they do is create new sources of division among the citizens. And those citizens that support them carry on with their system of avoiding the national laws and taking their daughters abroad whenever they have to face their conscience.

My experience has taught me that both the Right or the Left prefer in many cases to make use of the abortion to solve these problems, irrespective of whether the Law in their own countries permits it or not. So we are considering here a case of moral hypocrisy.

But no, as usual the so-called Right – which in my opinion should be called Ultra-Capitalism – ignore the interests of those electors one of whose main problems of always has been abortion, apart from the proved fact that many of the offspring of those Rightists have used their money and power to move abroad to have the dreadful – for them – abortion operation which they cannot get in their country of origin because of their progenitors’ fake fanaticism. Because this is nothing but an idea that originated in Religions which have always been the staunchest allies of the so-called Right or Ultra-Capitalism as you like.

Abortion is a problem of conscience, not a legal problem by all means. I wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of a woman whose dilemma is to abort or not to abort because once a new being is begot in her womb to decide whether to dispose of it or not is not an easy question.

And it must be women in all cases who should decide how to proceed. Nobody knows better than they in these cases.




June 1, 2007

Having to read so many blog sites as I do every day simply makes me wonder whether this is really good for my health, mainly for my mental health. My political inclinations are quite clear for me. My moral inclinations are quite clear for me. My human motivations – Richard – are clear as far as I am concerned.

I am awfully sorry because I cannot dedicate my attention to as many blogs and forums as I would like, therefore I will be reducing my range of attention to just a few blogs every day, those blogs will be shown in my blogroll and my attention regarding forums will be dedicated to the forum my loyalty has always been for, Respect, here


Thank you for understanding my motivations, just time is the key here.

My very best wishes to you all and my encouragement to proceed with all your ideals for a better world.