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May 20, 2007

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Leaders in the world must see that democracy still exists.


There has been an exchange of thoughts over at 1loneranger’s blog

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It is known by all of us that democratic styles emerged from oppressive regimes, unions were formed in reaction to ultra-capitalist attitudes and the pseudo-democratic system was set up almost everywhere in the world. And it all came to happen because the peoples of our part of the world were subjugated by a few .

When democracy became the most praised system of government, it was done so by authors at the beginning of it all, but in actual fact I am starting to believe that Democracy is another weapon in the hands of those who have always controlled the fate of the Earth. In actual fact if you look carefully into it you will no doubt observe that Democracy divides instead of uniting. Political parties whose leaders are never chosen by their affiliates but imposed on them by their top brass who in turn have been “advised” to take them by others higher up. And this chain originated by the power and need of money.

The system of proposing a trio of persons for a particular important post is rife everywhere, the three that are presented for consideration have previously received the approval of those who are “really” interested in the ruling of that particular country where the particular post is open for a replacement. The media take care of the rest.

Then another political party does the same with its rank and file. And…there! you have the two candidates – or more – opposing each other – that is completely divided and antagonistically rivals – throwing at each other all the worst epithets and disqualifications, libels and slanders, truths and lies that may be conceived by a human mind. In sum the onset of a deeper division and antagonism among their followers. Among almost all the inhabitants of that particular country.

Which, it will not escape you, is another form of control, of dictatorship. No matter how much you shout – it was proved with the Iraq war – what has been decided up there will be carried out.

What has made people to unite is nothing else than a common sense of oppression. It did with unions – which later on were decaffed, too, by the diversification that took place when different activities started to create new unions -; and it does today with political parties. People have forgotten that there is a common interest in that Democracy be applied to please us all, not to divide us all. We must not yield to the temptations offered by those who can tempt us and which normally lead us to separate ourselves in the main body of the electorate.

Ideologies have emerged that have also been suppressed, Marxism and Communism are examples of this in our ultra-capitalist world, because those who had the obligation to uphold them did not want or could not make that this happened. Once Communism became “conservative” in the USSR it also became oppressive giving way to the present ultra-capitalist ruling the Russian Federation now exhibits. Long standing regimes give way to protests among people and therefore to changes. The concept of ruling will nevertheless be always prevalent. China is another example of what I say.

This situation leaves me with some questions :

1. Is it necessary for Democracy to work properly that a dictatorial regime be previously established in a country? You know reaction to oppression.

2. How can people uphold the democratic system once it has been attained.

3. Is it necessary that people go through a situation of oppression for them to realise that attaining Democracy – being important as it is – is as much important as upholding it? I mean does upholding Democracy need random periods of absolutism?

4. What must be done for us to uphold that democracy we enjoy in much better conditions than there exist at the present time?

Yours faithfully.

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A new post has been opened at 1loneranger’s blog which we think should be the object of contributions from our friends. It is a question of discerning which system of government is more convenient to the interests of the public in general and which steps should be taken to the consecution of that target.

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I am certain that many excellent ideas from our friends will eventually get us to reach the most adequate conclusions to the topic.


Let’s talk Earth

May 2, 2007

We have been reading and hearing continuously these days about the degradation of the climatic conditions in our planet. Scientists warn states that continuous dirtying of the atmosphere will result in an irreversible status where the Earth might afford the worst habitable conditions for human beings and the rest of living organisms.

And this has made me think whether everything is true or deceitful in this rotating mass where we have been allowed to coexist.

Why can it not be that old theories of glaciation, of the Ice Age, be true? Let us imagine for a moment that conditions on the Earth trillions of years ago were the same as they are today. Warming of the planet ended most of life on it, the seas grew as a consequence of full thaw of the ice, the air became unbreathable. The Earth was practically dead.

Once the human beings disappeared,  contamination disappeared with them giving way to a period of recovery that lasted again trillions of years. The micro-organisms that could save themselves because of their innate conditions of resilience started again what scientists call evolution. This does not mean to say that creation did not exist, but it might have started aeons ago, cycles of death and evolution destroying and recreating life respectively. A game where living beings played an endless role, emerging from simple cells up to exceptional intelligent aptitudes. And again that very same intelligence being responsible for another destructive period.

So we should not be worried that our planet’s life be destroyed, because there again the history will repeat and everything will re-start as it did on the last cycle of its existence. Or will it?

The human being considered the most intelligent of the living beings is not capable of discerning what is true and what is not. We keep carrying on our existence as though nothing were going to happen, in such a state of dumbfoundedness that we are not able to react before the awful existence that looms in the not too distant future. We might not suffer from it because we might already be dead by then, but our descendants will and it is our unavoidable duty to watch over their future now and not let them try to solve the problem when it will not be easily solvable.

I cannot stop thinking about it.