Attention Anticant

April 7, 2007

Have been trying to post two comments on your anticant’s arena blog unsuccessfully. I’ll do it here if you don’t mind.

To your post about Love I must say I find it an excellent essay which shows the quality of your thoughts.

To your last comment at “Peace” I couldn’t agree more.

Perhaps it is a question of technicalities in the blogs. I’ll try to do it later on in the day.


10 Responses to “Attention Anticant”

  1. anticant said

    Many thanks, Jose – I was wondering where you were!

    Hope you have seen the Easter messages and lavenderblue’s gift at anticant’s burrow.

    Love and peace to everyone this Easter, regardless of theological differences…..

  2. Richard said

    Amen to that.

  3. Jose said

    Love and Peace to everyone every day.

  4. earthpal said

    Jose, thanks for bringing Anticant’s post to our attention. It really is a thoughtful article. I should visit there more often.

    Have a Happy Easter holiday Jose….and the same to all your readers here.


  5. anticant said

    Yes, please do, earthpal. Happy Easter.

  6. Jose, where are you? How about one of your wonderful posts Jose?,….. ah-hem….. when you’re ready of course. πŸ˜‰

  7. Jose said

    laluttefinale, thank you. It’s very kind of you.


    I stand reprimanded, I accept your rap on my knuckles, but there are so very good blogs and forums – one of them yours – around that I find myself on many occasions struggling with my time.

    I’ll try to oblige today as best as I am able.

  8. Of course I was only joking Jose, and that was no sort of reprimand. πŸ™‚
    I was simply relaying that I’ve missed reading your wonderful posts. I can fully appreciate your struggles, as I find my self falling into similar circumstances continuously. Thanks for the compliment and I return the sentiment.
    Your new post has my gears turning again Jose. Thanks!!!

  9. Jose said

    My pleasure, 1loneranger.

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