I still have problems with my server

March 25, 2007

Which will definitely not be solved today. I hope tomorrow the day will give me better news, because these problems don’t permit me to write as I wish in blogs and forums. The server’s pace is sluggish and not trustable.


5 Responses to “I still have problems with my server”

  1. earthpal said

    Well, I hope you had a nice refreshing, technology-free day Jose.

    It’s been lovely where I am. I had planned a nice long walk but my little girl has been poorly so it never happened.

  2. tyger said

    Have a rest old friend.

    Indulge in a good book.

  3. Jose said

    Thank you, friends, am back, the problem with the server having been fixed up.

  4. seachanges said

    Well – as you’re back on board you may find the following link interesting:
    it’s the guardian’s blog site and it provides a long review of the motion ‘this house is better off without religion’ – adding to your own essays on the pros and cons of a god and religion.
    Good to have you back!

  5. Jose said

    TRhank you for the link, seachanges, and your welcome. Another respectable point of view on the God issue.

    Thank you also for your kindness.

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