New World Order?

March 6, 2007

None such! I have been reading around on the net how many free thinkers believe there is a New World Order under way, and I am afraid this is another way to delude us into the same giant lie we have been fed with since the end of World War II. The New World Order, in my opinion, was instituted sharp on the end of the talks held by the various world powers that won that war. There have been changes, apparent substantial changes, but the run of the world is being kept inside the canons of a dictatorship of Capitalism.

The last news that leads me to believing this is what I hear about China’s giving its countryside inhabitants such a quantity of perks that that would ensure a pacific transition from Communism “a la Chinoise” to Capitalism “a la Chinoise”. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Russia took the same way with Gorbachev and we now see how Russian societal levels have taken a new look and every day the differences between rich and poor are more evident, as happens in the US where there officially exist 37 million poor, nothing more nothing less than about 17% of the population.

If there were to be a New World Order and it were going to be imposed by the “Old” World Order… then I’d better not think about it, because our lives and our minds would be subjected to unthinkable levels of tyranny. We would be reduced to mere pawns without a will whose only mission should be to act as tools of the New Ultra-Capitalist Dictatorship.

China has realised, as did Russia, that the best system to run a country is the Capitalist system, and I think that for the time being it is. What is not acceptable is ultra-capitalism, that all thoughts and ideas be exploited to enhance the powers of Capital, instead of being used to improve our living conditions and our education so as to achieve for ourselves what is intrinsec in our lives : freedom in all its expressions.

Have we ever realised that without us Capitalism would not exist? Have we ever realised that we also think, that we also have ideas, that we do not need anybody else’s ideas to survive?

As the world goes I can only see two kinds of protagonists: those who are high up and control everything from birth issues to death rates and the rest of us.

And as Merkin says, we still have this means of communication, let’s use it as long as we are allowed to.

Which is becoming a clamour on the internet.

We can also change the World Order.


12 Responses to “New World Order?”

  1. Richard said

    “Democratic Socialism” – a la Webbs, Shaw, Wells etc – was seen as a
    viable alternative to “Capitalist Dictatorships”…

    Funny how ‘Socialism’ gets muddled with ‘Communism’…

    Well, it’s not funny really – when you discover who meddled in the muddling.

  2. Jose said

    The so much hammered about “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” was a way the Russian Communists had to control Russia, very well used in fact by Stalin. That was not communism, that was a parody that served Stalin’s dominance of the country.

  3. anticant said

    “New World Order” was a phrase originally coined by Hitler to describe his “Thousand Year Reich”. Whenever this hackneyed phrase is bandied about I ask myself “What order? Which world? What’s new about it?” Seems like the same old familiar chaos and mayhem to me.

  4. Jose-
    I suspect you’re talking specifically about the Bretton Woods meeting of ’44 where the IMF and WTO were initially created and the new ‘economic’ world order was fixed to the US gold standard. A sensible idea in theory for the circumstances until Nixon screwed the pooch and world oil control was funnelled into too few hands. How can a system of privatising the world’s natural resources work for the collective. The system makes the most profit, but millions die by the way side as the result. The privatisation of the earth’s water supplies could collapse all natural order.
    To paraphrase Manfred Steger, New world Order = Hyper-globalization. Politics has been rendered almost powerless by an unstoppable techno-economic juggernaut that will crush all governmental attempts to reintroduce restrictive policies and regulations.
    The 1990, when BushCo1 entered Iraq with his army the ‘old’ New World Order of Bretton Woods was left behind and the ‘new’ was created.
    Great post.

  5. christianzionismexposed said

    The Internet will most likely be used as a tool of the coming world ruler(s) and monitored and censored. Just my opinion. I’m coming to believe that the worst Jose fears will be a reality. That man will be his own destruction eventually and that the tool will be greed aka ultra-capitalism.

  6. Jose said

    Loneranger, the juggernaut designates the governments who should be sufficiently clever to convince people of their effectivity. If you look around what happens in Europe and America you may check this is so.

    Yes, CZE, as happens with everything that may be a weapon in the hands of people, it soon is turned into an adverse weapon.

  7. earthpal said

    Jose, just to let you know I’m enjoying your discussions here. And I’m learning from them all the time.

    I can’t help with what you and CZE here have said in there’s a very real chance that man will self-destruct.

    Picking up on what Loneranger said about privatising the world’s natural resources…I also fully agree. It can’t possibly work (and doesn’t) for the common good of ALL. But who decided? Who decided that this planet and it’s resources are for sale? Only the rich and powerful can ever afford to buy chunks of it and we know what that has led to.

  8. earthpal said

    “I can’t help BUT AGREE with what you and CZE here have said in there’s a very real chance that man will self-destruct.”

  9. christianzionismexposed said

    Earthpal, I think this is another foreshadowing of what is going to be the ‘nature of things’ in the world more and more:

    WASHINGTON – The FBI improperly and, in some cases, illegally used the USA Patriot Act to secretly obtain personal information about people in the United States, a Justice Department audit concluded Friday.

    And for three years the FBI has underreported to Congress how often it forced businesses to turn over the customer data, the audit found.

    FBI agents sometimes demanded the data without proper authorization, according to the 126-page audit by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine. At other times, the audit found, the FBI improperly obtained telephone records in non-emergency circumstances.


  10. Jose said

    That’s another failure in American Justice because if the Administration of Justice finds fault with any of the state departments, its duty it is to charge it with infringement of the law, not just let it pass untouched.

    Earthpal, you are always so kind. I try to cope with that duty to keep writing, but sometimes after reading and hearing what happens around it seems to me as though I had no further else to say.

    Impotence before the unavoidable? I believe it is something of the kind. I find it is evil to the nth power.

  11. Boldscot said

    ‘…..the Administration of Justice finds fault with any of the state departments, its duty it is to charge it with infringement of the law, not just let it pass untouched.’
    Jose, presumably, your letter to Santa Clause gets sent early to avoid the rush.

  12. Jose said


    Santa Claus does not swear allegiance to the Constitution and the Law, but he might as well do. LOL.

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