Blair only deceives himself

February 23, 2007

Perhaps the most pathetic news of the week was Tony Blair claiming total innocence for the death and destruction taking place daily in Iraq. We could of course believe him if it were not for the obvious facts that sectarian violence or terrorism was not taking place in Iraq before the illegal invasion, or the fact that weapons of mass destruction didn’t exist in Iraq before depleted uranium, white phosphorus, a variant of napalm and cluster bombs had been imported by the USA and the UK.

I think most reasonable people now accept that the reason for the Iraqi invasion were all oil related and this has been confirmed recently with the announcement that a new law has been passed by the American controlled Iraqi puppet government that will ensure that at least a half of Iraqi oil revenues over the next 15 to 30 years will go to American or British oil companies, whereas before the Iraqi oil industry was state owned. That’s despite the fact that if ever there was a time when Iraq needed oil revenue it is now.

One has to ask the question as to if the USA/UK wanted to avoid sectarian violence why did they allow organisations with links to terrorism immediately return to Iraq after the illegal invasion? Organisations like the Iraqi National Congress headed by convicted fraudster Ahmed Chalabi, who was immediately put in control of the rebuilding of Iraq, we now know of course that billions of dollars of money from the “oil for food” account go unaccounted for.
Secondly the “ Iraqi National Accord” led by Iyad Allwai with a criminal past. The Badr Brigade, the armed wing of the Da’awa/SCIRI religious ‘parties’ led by Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Nuri al-Maliki. The Kurdish militia (the Peshmerga) led by opportunist warlords, which were trained and armed by the U.S and Israel.
It’s almost as though sectarian violence in Iraq suits the occupiers, which I suspect brings us back to “Oil”.

Now of course Blair talks about withdrawing a few UK troops from Iraq, I presume that this is in readiness for the next illegal adventure by the real axis of evil in attacking Iran. The USA has already made it clear that one of two excuses could be made for the next act of genocide, either proof that Iran is providing the Iraqi resistance with arms or that Iran is building nuclear weapons. Just this week we saw a poor attempt by the USA to prove that the Iran government is providing arms when they released photographs of these supposedly Iranian arms, included was a picture of a 81mm mortar shell, which they don’t even produce, the shell inscribed with english words and the date “2006” instead of “1427” as you would expect. The credibility of the Bush Government diminishes as each day passes.
On the other hand the Iranian government has produced real evidence that terrorism in Iran is being is being encouraged and funded by the west. Since the invasion of Iraq by the United States and Britain, Iran has experienced an increasing number of explosions (or “terrorist attacks”) in Iranian border provinces and areas.

Obviously using the “American” version of International Law this evidence would authorise Iran to launch attacks against the USA and American forces. But then again Iran isn’t a militaristic nation and hasn’t attacked other nations for centuries.

The second possible excuse is that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and this is despite the obvious facts that Iran doesn’t have the facilities to develop them and has never even expressed a wish to have any. Indeed Mohamed ElBaradei, who heads the International Atomic Energy Agency said this week that Iran could be 10 years away from producing a nuclear weapon even if they started today.

So yes I do believe that Blair is responsible for what we see in Iraq today along with Bush, Cheney, Rice, Feith, Straw, Hoon, Perle, Abrams and Wolfowitz and others.

My suggestion to Tony Blair, if he’s really interested in proving his hands are clean, is to turn himself over to the International Court and put his defence forward and see how far he gets.


7 Responses to “Blair only deceives himself”

  1. Boldscot said

    Nice thought at the end there, Jose.
    No point though as the Court is partizan in nature – like all other major International institutions.
    The US is acting according to plan because the balkanisation of Iraq and Iran has been a long term aim.
    However, it won’t see fruition until the invasion of Iran takes place.
    Without action in Iran we will see how much stronger the invasion of Iraq has actually left Tehran.

  2. Richard said

    You might be interested in a letter ‘yours truly’ had printed in The Independent 3 years ago – methinks as much true now as it was in 2004…

  3. Jose said

    Boldscot, thanks for the comment. I would draw your attention, though, that it has been written by Michael, not me.

    Michael occasionally sends posts here, although he is very much busy with his forum at

  4. Boldscot said

    Excellent stuff, Richard. Very pithy.
    Unfortunately, sad but true is Blair’s level of delusion.
    Also unfortunate is that the events in Iraq would have been no different under Brown or Cameron or ….etc.

  5. Jose said

    I agree with you, Boldscot, Labour or Tories would have gone along with Bush. Because the Iraq war was not political, it was, and is, economic.

    Again innocent people laying their lives at the mercy of those whose only interest is oil – in this case.

  6. anticant said

    I don’t think oil was the SOLE reason for the Iraq war. Long before Bush was elected by [or imposed upon] the American people, the clique around Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz & Co. who produced the PNAC manifesto made it their prime objective. This was at least partly because of the ingrained American delusion that their style of “democracy” is the best form of government in the world, and it is their privilege – and even their duty – to export it to the rest of humanity; and also because one of their main allies in the Middle East, Israel, is at least nominally democratic. Their other favourite, Saudi Arabia, of course isn’t, but we have yet to hear of a project to export USA democracy to THEM. Humbuggery is not just a British vice.

  7. Richard said

    Nice one, AC.

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