Human activities cause planet warming

February 2, 2007

I read that a panel has met to reach this conclusion: humans are to blame for the warming of our planet. The emissions released by human activities are the reason we are having so many natural catastrophes and scientists of all over the world who meet regularly at the behest of the UN to say so. This is not new to me and I agree that is the “direct” reason. It is not necessary to be a scientist to get to that finding. We all know, because we have been hammered into thinking so, that we are ruining planet Earth, third big rock from the Sun.Why it is necessary that hundreds of scientists have to meet to reach this conclusion is a question that assails me. My answer to that question cannot be in my opinion other than the blame of this extraordinary circumstance be not attributed to those who really are to blame, because we have not invented those kinds of contrivances that have been put in our hands and that have made some people almighty along the centuries, some people without scruples helped by scientists without scruples, too.

Both moguls and scientists are to be held accountable for the enormous catastrophe that is looming and that may be the destruction of the planet.

There are questions as : “ Who is going to tell a billion people that they can’t have air-conditioning or an automobile? ” .

Yes, who is going to tell them that they must forget the use of everything that pollutes? Curiously enough nobody asks who is going to tell those who make those air-conditioners and automobiles that they stop production?

The human beings live longer and multiply themselves, the more human beings exist the more emissions are caused, is there no stop to this extraordinary growth? China has become a part of the capitalistic system as has India, and the capitalistic system is the indirectly responsible party of all this reasonless expenditure and waste that heats up our environment and our lives, something that will take us to inexorable mass extinction. But I wonder why China and India are taken now as main producers when we all know that so far the US and Europe have been the main industrialist sectors of the world. And this warming has been on for a long time before China and India started their industrial activities.

We are an endangered species. We have included all kinds of wild animals in our books as species worth being saved from extinction, we have not, though, included ourselves in that list and I wonder why the human beings have being so neglectful of their own existence, why they have forgotten the most elementary notions of survival.

Ultra-consumerism is the cause, people trying to become rich to be powerful are the means.

But we cannot complain at this stage of the problem, we can only act and act quickly and efficiently because time does not wait, it ticks on and on and every time more rapidly. Even these machines one of which I am using just now, are a cause for the warming, only that what I am doing I believe is useful at the present moment.

Something to thank technology for nevertheless.


10 Responses to “Human activities cause planet warming”

  1. Jose said

    I keep hearing more and more that WE are destroying our planet. That we human beings are 90% likely the cause of the planet’s warming up. Bill Bryson in his book “A short history of everything” clearly exposes who are the responsible ones in this catastrophe: Scientists with the subsequent responsiility of big corporations. The big corporations that have made huge benefits out of the human beings’ blind cooperation.

    Because human beings have been blinded by the comfortability a car, a fridge, an aerosol, an air-conditioner, etc, all of them the products of polluting energy.

    For years I have known of new sources of energy, clean energy, devices the patents of which have been bought by the giant industry of oil so that no danger be posed to their greed.

    And now they – our politicians who have been also bought by those big corporations – are saying that we must change our customs to cleaner energies “which are going to cost a little dearer but that will ensure a better treatment of the atmosphere”.

    So there is not the slightest doubt that these “charitable” corporations are also going to pocket large sums out of the catastrophe only they themselves have provoked.

  2. boldscot said

    Of course, there are alternatives.
    They are not looked at because they don’t fulfill the ‘profit’ paradigm
    (At least in their terms)
    When they are eating Soylent Green they still won’t understand the nature of Community. Even if they wanted to.
    What to do?
    Buy as much Chinese produce as possible in the hope that things will overturn?.
    After our time, thatz for certain.

  3. Jose said

    Yes, boldscot, I wonder whether we have still time to make them change tack. In Japan they are using the hydrogen car since some time ago. It has started to be used in Britain, why can’t motors be modified to adopt that fuel? I also wonder why planes and ships cannot start changing their systems.

    What I can see now is just too much bombastic speeches which spread fear around but don’t attack the problem head-on. And attack it is in my opinion imperative yesterday rather than today.

  4. Jose,

    Victorian England was much more polluted (and had higher concentrations of CO2) than does modern England, despite an increase in population, technology, and production.

    Technology also brings us cleaner energy, which is something that we tend to miss as it happens over many years. Air conditioners no longer use freon; heating is done with cleaner gases; automobiles use different fuel than they did thirty years ago.

    There is a thermodynamic issue: the second law of thermodynamics states that any process creates an energy loss (i.e. heat gain). So the universe is heating up, but that doesn’t mean that the earth has to heat up. (A lot of heat depends on, obviously, particulate matter in the air.)

    No need for pessimism. šŸ™‚

  5. Jose said

    I would everything be as you paint it, theobromophile. You are indeed optimistic.

  6. The climate change is getting more serious everyday..We need to act before it’s too late..Here in the Philippines some places were sinking..Well Technology is very useful but too much of it is bad..We have to use it wisely…

  7. Global Change is getting more serious.We have to act now before it’s too late..

  8. We can use some technology that can lessen the global change..
    Aside from increasing of population which is the main problem of the Philippines also the diseases that were spreading so fast…A lot were having lung problems..
    In this connection our country propose to use bicycles instead of cars and bikes….Also using fans instead of air condition or electric fans..

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