Corrupt Governments

January 1, 2007

I am really fed up with the continuous accusations to governments in Third-World countries – I don’t know why they are called Third World because normally those countries  are essentially rich countries in natural resources- of corruption. Such is the case with Nigeria, an oil-rich country with over 140 million inhabitants. Nigeria’s successive governments have been accused of corruption by the World Financial Organisations and by countries as the U.S. of A.

For a government to be corrupt there must be something that rots it. In the case of Nigeria and other not so rich countries, corruption comes arm in arm with the multinational corporations which are those in charge of establishing the means that corruption is to take place by. So it is in the interest of those multinationals that corruption settles in Third-World countries.

It is not the case of countries like the U.S., the U.K., France, Spain, etc, etc where corruption takes the shape of more subtle proceedings. One of these is lobbying.

The political parties need financing. The more important the financing the more important the problems of the financing entity take a place in the agenda of the incumbent government whose election depended in a large proportion on the prodigality of the former.  It is a different manner of corrupting. In countries like Nigeria corruption is mainly in the benefit of individual pockets, whilst in the so-called civilised countries it is the exercise of power that is involved.

We have seen how all of a sudden – at least to me – there have been criticisms against the government of the US for alleged interferences of the Jewish lobby in Washington DC’s politics. At first sight there seems that these criticisms are well founded given the extraordinary support – economic or otherwise – that successive American administrations of one or other colour have paid the State of Israel. This is clearly a patent case of corruption. Not only the US guarantees the safety of the Israeli state, but it also takes on a role in attacking its enemies. Much money must cost those financers this behaviour of the American government.

In other countries, European, we see how a particular commercial or industrial activity thrives outstandingly during the period of government of a particular party. On many occasions these activities are localised in zones where the party supporting the government also has electoral predominance. It is clear and we only have to make a simple addition= two plus two equals four.

That the World Bank, a US enclave in world finances, criticises poor countries for alleged corruption is nothing but a deflection of criticisms which should be directed to the financing organisations that take part in the decisions of that bank, financing organisations that also control those multinationals operating in the territories of the countries under analysis.

It is such a melange that it would take a full body of analysts with full powers to unveil the magnitude and reach of that corruption.


One Response to “Corrupt Governments”

  1. anticant said

    Happy New Year,Jose! You are absolutely right. As with so many other problems the question is: what can we, the ordinary citizens, do about it? One potential weapon in our hands is the Internet. This, of course, was developed by the US military-industrial complex for their own purposes, and they then realised, to their dismay, that it was a self-empowering weapon placed in the hands of the word’s population if governments don’t succeed in stifling it – which, of course, some such as the Chinese are endeavouring to do. I think it is wonderful that you and I can now carry on instantaneous conversations with each other, and with people all over the globe. We must keep on doing that, and make our voices heard.

    You say the influence of the Jewish lobby in the USA is new to you, but it has been apparent for many years. Needless to say, anyone who points it out is branded “anti-Semitic”, which is rubbish. Ironically, another huge fountain of corruption promoted and sustained by the West to its own detriment is the Arab autocracies in the Middle East – above all Saudi Arabia. You have doubtless read of the Saudis’ shameless and successful pressure on the British government to drop corrupution charges against British armament firms because the trail was leading to the private bank accounts of Saudi princes. These people go laughing all the way to the Swiss banks. They sell oil to the West at inflated prices, and instead of using the money to improve their peoples’ standard of living, pump millions of dollars into promoting Wahhabi’ism – an extremist form of Sunni Islam – throughout Europe, thus, even if only indirectly, fostering the fanaticism which breeds terrorism.

    I could go on, but you get the gist.

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