Why the haste in executing Saddam Hussein?

December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq, the tyrant of that country, accused of genocide and whose anomalous trial has been kept going on all the time in our communication media, has been hanged in a secret place in Iraq with the presence of just a few persons. And it was convicted  for the killing of 158 Shia Iraqis.

I was under the impression because so the media took care to tell me, that Iraq masses of corpses had been found in Iraq owing to the hand of this tyrant, numbers were never given in exact quantities but they – the media or those who control the media – made me believe that the killings had been by hundreds of thousands. Whatever the number, which I repeat made me think was extraordinarily high, he was sentenced to death for 158 killings.

Why so when he could have been tried for many more deaths, which would have proved to the world that the invasion by the American-led coalition was the right step to take, although it was taken in violation of international laws?

I am afraid we, the public in general, will never know for certain what lay behind this execution, what were the real motivations for so a fast elimination of a man who in former times was a staunch friend of the U.S. of A., the same country which has now destroyed him.

But so much has been said that I somehow have reached myself a conclusion, which may be wrong though, of why so much haste in eliminating him.

It could not be an attempt at ending the violence in Iraqi streets which so many dead has caused because the violence will no doubt increase. It could not be the desire to do justice, because justice could had better been done if he had been tried for all the crimes that were imputed to him.

It cannot be but something else. Somebody thought that any more trials could throw light on the behaviour of many before the invasion of Iraq, during the war with Iran, or because of an assurance they had that the natural resources of Iraq were not properly controlled. Or his days as a staunch ally to the invader had ceased to exist and there were chances that the control of oil would be lost.

Whatever, my conclusion is, together with other voices that have uttered the same opinion, that Saddam was safer dead than alive, that trials were not secure for many and that it was convenient to turn a page in Iraq’s history.

Pity that history is almost never written by bona-fide historians.

And you will permit me to say that I very much doubt Saddam is dead.


3 Responses to “Why the haste in executing Saddam Hussein?”

  1. earthpal said

    No surprises that the US admin wanted this done and dusted quickly. They clearly wanted Saddam, and their involvement in his empowerment, out of the way. And gone with him is the opportunity to establish a true record of events regarding Saddam’s crimes.

    You’re right to say that the violence will increase. Undoubtedly, it will destabalise the region even further.

    Very sad.

  2. snowflake5 said

    I think they hung him out of pure revenge. They would have done better to have jailed him for life, as an example of how a just (but not vengeful) state behaves.

    As it is, no good will come of his death. And what a horrible start to the new year to see the pictures of him in his noose on the news. I wish the news channels weren’t so ghoulish – why on earth do they imagine that people in Britain would want to start the new year watching such pictures? I think broadcasting standards have dropped.

    Anyway. Happy New Year. Let’s hope 2007 is better than 2006.

    P.S. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  3. Michael said

    “Why on earth do they imagine that people in Britain would want to start the new year watching such pictures? I think broadcasting standards have dropped.”

    On the other hand don’t you think that the people of Britain should see the results of their government’s policy? Should we be shielded from the horrors we have helped the USA cause in Iraq? If people live in ignorance how can we expect things to change?

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