Freedom of expression – democracy and other myths

December 29, 2006

Our friend, Anticant, has an interesting discusion on democracy in his blog.

This discussion has made me think, as everything Anticant writes does, but what really amazed me was how people confronts the present circumstances wen we are made to believe that Democracy exists.

Those who have swallowed what the media and our leading politicians care to say have been thoroughly confused, they have come to believe that this we are enjoying nowadays is Democracy. Nothing farthest from reality.

The Iraq affair was the most evident symptom of a terminal democracy. The leaders of the countries who consciously knowing what they were doing and why they were doing it, ignored the clamour from thinkers among the general public who actually saw what was behind it. Nothing else that control of Iraq’s oil. But they, our leaders, went ahead with what they were told to do.

It is true that our present capitalist system compels the said leaders to ignore what the people think, apparently they act because they think they are doing good for the people, although the latter in their opinion manifest themselves in a contrary way. Politicians have ended up by believing that they are the owners of truth, or else they despise the public in way comparable to that shown by those people high up in the social ladder.

Justice is another proof that democracy does not exist, or at least does not exist in its pure concept. If we take, for instance, the cases of those persons suspect of wrongdoing, we can see that they are dealt with the same judicial pattern as far as bails are concerned. They are allowed to be temporarily free while a date for their trial is fixed, but they are allowed to be temporarily free if they pay an amount of money that in most cases cannot be afforded by the accused. The rich, however, have not that difficulty. Let alone their defence. Intended loopholes of the Law.

The electoral system is another deceit in this so-called democracy. Leaders are not subject to the Law when elections should be called because those leaders have failed to carry out their electoral promises. They keep ruling and they only decide when the time is most favourable for them. A fraud of Law that can be easily corrected but that it is not because that would not suit those who really matter in our hypocritical society.

And it amazes me, too, that the democratic pyramid is completely ignored. But it is ignored because those at the base are not for the task to be accepted in their full importance.

The real owners of Democracy, the people, are easily manipulated and accept – in many cases reluctantly – the perks that the capitalist system considers they should be satisfied with.

Food for the body, not food for the spirit. As Anticant so wisely says in Walpole’s words “all those men have their price”.

But I dare to say that there are still many men – and women – who cannot be bought.

On them lies the difficult toil to try to recover our rights.


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