December 17, 2006

What is happening in Darfur is at the least eerie. The media try to conduct their news released in a way that apparently the legal government of Sudan is the one responsible for the problems affecting the country. The government of Sudan insists on not accepting foreign observers.

There is here the usual component that supports the confused situation in that country : religious rivalries. Islam (again) against Christianity. Islam expelling Christians, scores of thousands of people abandoning the country onto bordering countries where, again, the persecution continues – if we believe the media.

Here again I prefer using my logics to consider what happens in Sudan, most particularly in Darfur.

We know that China buys oil from Sudan. When Sudan had no oil not one country in the world cared for what happened over there. Those times Muslims and Christians coexisted in a way that appeared not to be of interest to the international corporative media. But Sudan-before-oil had problems, its people starved.

In my opinion the religious feeling has been aroused in Sudan because it so suited the international corporative media who, as you know, always support the “established order”.

Who has raised hell in Sudan? There is an old French saying that encompassed in olden times everything that had no apparent explanation : cherchez la femme (look for the woman), in today’s times everything that happens in the world should be applied the expression : cherchez le petrole (look for the oil).

In effect, if there is a conflict anywhere that conflict is caused by no more no less than oil itself and the eagerness of oil corporations to control everything related to oil. Frontiers have problems because of oil, religions have problems because of oil, races have problems because of oil, in sum oil is the axis around which everything political and military spins.

And in the case of Sudan oil is again, in my opinion, the reason of it all. There are problems in Africa in countries where so far there were none, Nigeria is one case. And those problems are caused by oil.

And it is extremely intriguing that those problems arise in places where China has sought this precious resource if it wants to thrive in its intent to become a superpower. And those who do not want it to become a superpower will always put spokes in China’s wheels.

The religious or racist or otherwise causes of all the conflicts are just a means to render our hearts soft and propicious towards those conflicts and the solutions that the really interested parties seek in pursuit of their control a la “big brother”.

This post was inspired by something I read in our brother blog Tygerland here:



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