December 14, 2006

General Augusto Pinochet did not give his judges time to pronounce him culprit of numberless crimes against the humankind. Pity, but the great man had to undergo the worst treatment a former leader can suffer: public despise and being subject to the law of men. His discredit accompanied him to his death, and this circumstance for a man of his characteristics is even worse than death itself.

There has been diverse luck for other dictators: Hitler – a coward that he was – suicided; the Military Junta in Argentina had to have an immunity law to escape prosecution, although it seems now that there are people interested in bringing about the possibility of judging them for the crimes that they, as Pinochet, commited during their dictatorship; in Spain there was a different situation: Franco died in his bed of a long illness and those who backed his dictatorship made for a political transition to take place and thus avoid unnecessary shedding of blood, but this post has a different focus, a focus that seems to be forgotten by the media or by politicians, even in many cases by the population: who propitiated those dictatorships?

A man by himself cannot be a dictator, a man must have a strong support – mainly by the military – to put a dictatorship into effect. But in most cases those persons use to escape unscathed from the dangers that they in other cirumstances would be exposed to. Clever people I should say.

Why are those persons forgotten when normality is settled in country? Why are they not sought out and tried and condemned under the corresponding law?

Adolfo Suarez was the first President of the Spanish government in the “normalised” Spain, but Adolfo Suarez was a member of the government of Franco. Manuel Fraga is a respected politician nowadays, but Manuel Fraga was a Minister with Franco, a Home Minister for that matter, and we all know what a Home Minister has to do in dictatorships.

I am not seeking revenge, not by any means, I am only trying to find out what makes us people forget and leave things as they are presented to us by the media and those who hold really the control of a country, dictator or non-dictator, because much that we may be convinced of the contrary, the people holding the strings of this puppet theatre will keep being the same ones as before.

The banks and big corporations that enjoyed the dictatorship, also enjoy the democracy. They keep having the same perks they had before, without the slightest shade of a doubt. You just need to glance around you to check that this is true.

And when, for instance, Blair decided to launch Britain onto a war with Iraq, he despised the public opinion, in exactly the same terms a dictator would have acted. The same thing happened with the then President of the Spanish government: they preferred to ignore the people’s claims for peace and do it their own way.

In sum: dictatorships nevertheless.

But under the disguise of a democracy. Let’s not be deluded.


9 Responses to “Dictators”

  1. tyger said

    A great, great post Jose.

  2. Richard said

    “What makes us people forget…?”

    Our own collective selfishness, indifference, and apathy – mixed with our ignorance of indoctrination and the propaganda of power.

  3. Thank you, Tyger. Your usual kindness, indeed.

    I believe, Richard, that the problem is the first word you mentioned: selfishness. As we have not felt the pain of watching our own people harmed, we soon forget that we also have other responsibilities towards unknown people. Democracy has not been made to suit individuals. Democracy has been made with a collective purpose, the definition of the word clearly states it. If there is no collective there cannot be any democracy, and that is just what its enemies seek.

    Divide and conquer.

  4. anticant said

    Nothing ever stays still; even the most ironclad dictatorships eventually reach a more or less sticky end. There has to be transition, and middle-grade players who formerly were collaborators are an unavoidable necessity. The alternative would be an endless stream of “show trials”, which would be even more obnoxious. You are right in saying that the real and longest-term beneficiaries of dictatorships are the industrial and financial plutocrats. It is extremely difficult to bring them to heel. The role which “big business” has played in USA politics since the Spanish-American war, and even earlier, stinks. [“He may be a bastard, but he’s OUR bastard!”] Maybe the Iraq debacle will expose them to more and more contempt. If they attack Iran, they will really shoot themselves in the foot. But it’s you, me, and lots of other innocent folk who will suffer.

  5. I could not be more in agreement with you, Anticant.

  6. anticant said

    What worries me more and more, taking Russia as well as USA into the equation, is that it may not be just the ‘legitimate’ plutocrats who are calling the shots, but more and more the international mafia. They are rich enough to take over the governments of even major powers, if they become so minded.

    Do like your site, canarislander. Hope you will peep into anticant’s burrow, and leave some comments now and then. Happy Christmas!

  7. Governments no longer rule, that is a fact. Lobbies get reimbursed for whatever expenses they incur in the selection of those governments and lobbies are formed by the representatives of corporations and financial systems.

    I thank you for your kind comments and I’ll not fail to visit your burrow as you call it as soon as I get your website coordinates.

  8. Jose said

    Thank you, Anticant. I have changed my name to mine own, Jose, just to make it easier for posters. Further it is the name that I always use in all my communications. I am getting every day more and more conversant with blogging, that’s why.

    And I like it more and more every day.

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