As America slept – Anwaar Hussain

December 1, 2006

An interesting article by Anwaar Hussain in another attempt at awakening American consciences:


As America Slept


Now as America awakes—and as the death toll in Iraq reaches the three-quarter of a million mark—it finds its leaders debating whether or not there is a civil war going on in Iraq. Is it awake really?

It all happened while America slept. As America slept, airline jets appeared in the azure blue New York Skies some five years back and within minutes bumped through tall wonders of human achievements reducing them and their occupants to a tangled mass of steel, concrete and human flesh. While the world stood horror-struck and frozen from the pain of the victims and the sheer scale of the crime, somewhere in some dark unlit corners of America, a small leering cabal of malicious, hateful and warmongering few backslapped each other. But America slept.

As America slept, this small but ruthless group of men stole democracy from the American people and almost knocked her over with a noxious blow of fascism. The political philosophy of these creatures sent instant shivers up the collective spine of global citizenry. But America slept.

As America slept, their liberties were curtailed, their freedoms taken away, their economy bankrupted, their private lives spied upon and their nation kept in a constant state of fear. Riding on the wings of ‘terror’, their leaders sleep marched America into history’s hall of shame. But America slept.

As America slept, not very much later these humanoids had firmly hurled their country on a perpetual warpath not of self defense, but of fear, insecurity, suspicion, hatred, anger, reprisal and a blind, jingoistic patriotism that continued to take its toll on humanity. But America slept.

As America slept, for the first time since the Wehrmacht swept through Europe, the world witnessed a major power launching an unjustifiable war, placing an entire people under military occupation and carrying out acts of collective and visible punishment against civilian populace. The American media’s shameful collusion in this deception was unbelievable, as unbelievable as the fact that this war, based on undeniable lies as it was, was sold to the American people as the gospel truth ordained by God. But America slept.

As America slept, they failed to realize that the logic of occupation was naturally despotic, that the brutalized and impoverished people of Iraq and Afghanistan needed facilitators to help them decide their own fate not occupiers, that the world, having finally taken off the blinds of 9/11, had now seen through the plot and the world now knew that far from benefiting the Iraqi and Afghan peoples this whole operation was an unashamed imperialist robbery of their resources. But America slept.

As America slept, its leaders misspent in a hurry the international sympathy and goodwill it had earned on 9/11. The distasteful dramatization and gloating of America’s main stream media not withstanding, the images of the crumbling World Trade Center were soon replaced in the world’s mind by images of horrific explosions in Baghdad and gruesome images of dogs snatching bites out of dead Iraqis in cities like Fallujah. By acting as the Zionists’ lackeys and fighting their wars, its leaders deliberately alienated 1.3 billion Muslims making them a target for the Muslims’ wrath. But America slept.

As America slept, the malicious cabal of villainous rogues that took over the reins of their great country, along with a supporting cast of bloodsuckers, money grabbers and human lowlifes, speedily put on the world stage a gaudy show full of sadism, trickery and revolting absurdity. These charlatans destroyed the lives of millions of individuals and, sure enough, now that curtain is finally coming down on their repugnant acts, the stage is invariably full of blood and gore. Of course the dead of this one show will never ever rise again. But America slept.

As America slept, its media slept too. They couldn’t see the horrendous atrocities that the United States military was visiting upon unarmed Iraqis who never posed any danger to their beloved country. They couldn’t catch on their eagle eyed lenses the raining cluster bombs, the showering napalms, and the tortures in the dungeons. They couldn’t report the rising death toll in Iraq when it shot past the half million mark. They couldn’t inform of Fallujah that was razed to the ground and its citizens-men, women and children alike-gunned down by the valiant American troops and left on the streets for the dogs to feed on. But America slept.

As America slept, their G.I. Joes were pumping up Iraq with depleted uranium, napalm bombs, cluster munitions and poisonous gases while its leaders weaved a torture trail across the world telling Americans to stay the course. Under the malevolent watch of these men, intense sessions of pain were conducted in distant dark dungeons spread around the globe with such regularity that America became the biggest patron of torture by proxy in the history of planet earth. But America slept.

As America slept, along with their well fed children, the rate of birth defects, leukemia and cancer among Iraqi children under the age of 15 in those districts where the use of DU had been the most concentrated increased dreadfully, ensuring that a generation of beautiful babies was going to turn into one of unsightly cripples. But America slept.

As America slept, their great nation continued to sink deeper into the heart of darkness. With each passing day their beloved America scaled ever greater heights of hideous glories. The waters of the Euphrates were made crimson with the blood of innocent people whose lives were snuffed out on the orders of a man rewarded for his colossal crimes by his great nation. But America slept.

As America slept, a thousand cuts were delivered to it by its own. Now that it is half awake and hemorrhaging heavily, it reels and stumbles from these deep incisions. But is it awake really?

Now as America awakes, with a sickening sense of reality, it finds itself moored in pools of innocent human beings’ blood. And as the death toll in Iraq reaches the three-quarter of a million mark, it finds its leaders debating whether or not it is a civil war going on in Iraq. Is it awake really?

Now as America awakes, it finds itself tottering at the abyss of moral bankruptcy while its leaders continue their feverish globe trotting hat in hand begging all and sundry to be saved from their own follies. In merely five years, the big mouths have become beggars and their once great nation, heaving from under the massive pile of more than half a million corpses, stands discredited, dishonored and humiliated in the court of world opinion.

But is America awake now? If so then where are the hangman’s ropes?

©Anwaar Hussain 2006. The writer, a former officer of the Pakistan Air Force, is now based in the United Arab Emirates. This story is reproduced courtesy of Fountainhead: Anwaar Hussain’s Articles. Mr. Hussain may be reached by email at


6 Responses to “As America slept – Anwaar Hussain”

  1. tyger said

    America tends to get judged by higher standards than any other country. I guess this is because it considers itself above all others. This, however, is nonsense.

    America is deeply flawed, but as we saw in last month’s elections, it still has democratic measures that address political incompetence. America’s foreign policy does incorporate a fair amount of racism, in that it considers Arab blood very expendable, however if truth were known, so do most white powers.

    Anti-Americanism poisons political discourse because it, like many other irrational instincts, clouds the mind. I consider myself, as I have said so many times before, ‘critically pro-American.’

  2. I know your opinions on America are not biased for or against. I see your opinions try to be well grounded and pondered. The problem with America is that it has been conditioned by a national historical trait that values money over any other asset. Much has been said about American values and morality. I do not discuss this, but my thoughts have always been of crude crticism towards them because I can see huge differences between them and Europeans. It looks to me like their mores have a tinge of originality which does not coincide with ours.

    After all Americans are majoritarily of European descent, but their population has inherited of old a kind of aversion towards everything European. Not that I think they have been wrong in this. We all know how Europe has behaved towards colonies, but Americans – much that they want to blame British for it – are themselves those who two centuries plus ago did the colonising, unlike Latin America where intermingling of races might account for a more solid feeling of hatred.

    Perhaps what Americans feel for Europe is simply envy. A sense of frustration for not having lived in the old continent. I do not forget that many persons who moved to America from Britain did so because they were treated in a very undemocratic way, what with religious and political persecutions having in most cases being the reason for their displacement.

    Those old sentiments, as you know, can be inherited but I have seen how Americans envy Europe their monarchies, something unusual in a republic which considers itself a country of dreams.

    That is what it seems to me.

  3. anticant said

    Beware of using corporate abstractions like “America”, “Britain”, or “Spain”! Each of these nations consists of millions of individuals – all different from one another and in some respects unique. True, they each have some common national characteristics, assumptions, and habits of thinking, but these are much less monolithic than a sloppy slapping on of “group personification” labels lumping all the inhabitants of each country together as a supposedly unitary whole, would imply.

    If we are to get towards the direct democracy you champion in another thread – and with which I heartily agree – we shall only do it by dropping this bad habit of assuming that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Co. are “America”. The mid-term elections revealed how false this is. There is always hope of change, in even badly flawed democracies.

  4. You are absolutely right and I must apologise for my mistake, the more so when some of my best cyberfriends are Americans with clear opinions on how matters go in the world today.

    Sometime we let ourselves be carried away by news which indicate that, as was the case with the Iraqi war, a majority of Americans supported the decisions of their government (Bush’s).

    I am aware that in all countries there are people with a diversity of opinions which is not explicitly mentioned in the news the media want us to read. It happens here, it happens in Britain, it happens everywhere.

    It was not my intention to offend but it is true that I should have been more careful when I wrote what I did.

    Again, apologies.

  5. anticant said

    I expect a majority of Americans did support the Iraq war. They trusted their leaders – it is an American tradition to respect the commander-in-chief. But it’s clear that an increasing number of them are hopping mad now that they realise how they were hoodwinked by the PNAC claque.

    I’m not anti-American – far from it – but the degree of ignorance of the rest of the world cultivated by many Americans almost as a virtue does bother me a lot. They may – or did – have the strength of lions, but they lack the wisdom of serpents. Their policies and tactics since 9/11 are a classic example of how not to go about things. They would probably have made some blunders anyway, but they had the additional misfortune of having the barmy born-again Toxic Texan in the White House. My own very reluctant conclusion is that they – and consequently we – are in a far worse mess than most people realise. The USA is already overstretched, militarily and economically. If they futilely pour yet more troops into the Iraq cesspit, and attack Iran as well, they are likely to come a real cropper. See Paul Kennedy: “Rise and Fall of the Great Powers” and George Soros: “The Bubble of American Supremacy”. Bin Laden is no fool: he knows this. So do his Saudi paymasters. But Blair doesn’t……

  6. Jose said

    It bothers you and it bothers us Europeans. It seems as though nothing else of worthy consideration existed in the world, which in a way is sheer zealotry.

    That tradition you speak of is an obstacle for a full democracy in the US. Ramming head-on into any situation just because the commander-in-chief so says is nothing but a reminiscence of olden European ways of living, a regression to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, to the epoch when they migrated from Europe.

    To self-proclaim themselves a democracy when these conditions of living exist is little less than mocking democracy.

    My opinion as always.

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