European Union intent on curbing emissions

November 30, 2006

An article on today’s BBC : tells us of the decision to impose cuts on emissions of carbon in the European Union. 10 developping countries are sulky,  because of this measure  their industrial growth will be seriously affected, and the overall growth of the EU will be affected, too, naturally.

It is not enough. In these times when so many taxes are levied on the citizens, why is there not a change in the allotment of these taxes to ends that will really matter? Perhaps if the money wasted in so many meetings around the world to talk of the greenhouse effect or pollution or anything having to do with contamination, were invested in renewing the energies that will really be a positive step.

Why are countries permitted to compensate others for their increase of their own emissions? If the others are already adhering to the norms, the infringing countries should not be allowed to exceed their permitted quotas of contamination. Ridiculous, a loop in the system as there are so many loops in other sectors of our living standards.

China is growing rapidly. India is growing rapidly. Both countries are sending off so a large quantity of carbon emissions that any efforts Europe can exert to reduce its quota will be annulled by the Asian countries, together with the US, a large producer, perhaps the largest in the world.

The more I think about this problem the more I am convinced they are kidding. Everything is done to minimise the dangers scientists, doing their duty, warn us of.

When we will be tranquil in this connection must be the objective of our leaders, that is one of the reasons they are elected for.


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