November 30, 2006

A debate has been opened at:, on the problems of education in Britain and Europe.

Something that has never been arranged anywhere is the problem of education. There exist public schools and universities and there are private ones, and the teaching in the former in most cases cannot be advantageously compared with the education in the latter, despite they are funded by the state.

Every time a government of a new political sign gets the power,  new educational instructions are imposed either by regulations or by law, but as can be easily seen, those regulations or laws are issued in accordance with the political postulates of the ruling part. Which has been proved to be to the detriment of the integration of students in the system, apart from the prejudices caused to the teachers and professors.

If we want that education be democratic, it is necessary that a great international debate be organised – as are organised debates on environment or human rights to just name a couple of them – so that a general system of education be agreed upon by all.

Education is a human right, but it should be understood that Education should be, within the freedom that allows us to exercise that right, without any bias or political influences or interferences, and to that end it is necessary that professionals of all over the world meet and reach conclusions for the subsequent system to be approved and put into practice. Needless to say that any intervention in the UN would have that political influential I am talking about.

And, mind you, I know these debates would be subject to enormous pressure by interested parties in that the educational system be concordant with their postulates, as I said above.

Something that should be avoided at all costs if we want the system to work properly.

And of course, funding of official schools and universities to be done exclusively by the state, while the private ones should be excluded from any state funding.


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