The top 100 green campaigners of all time

November 28, 2006

The Environment Agency has invited experts to name people who have done most for the planet at all times.,,1958602,00.html

This is a good initiative to further the world’s interest in the defence of our environment which is no more no less that the interest in our survival. In effect, we must be all concerned in making our existence on earth cleanest and purest, and that people in past times have been conscious of this imperative is something worth prizing.

But today the most important aspect of this issue is to find out what are the main contaminants, those elements or individuals who contaminate the most and whose activities are bound to ruin our planet – I do not discard the perfect balance of our planetary system – if they persist in those activities.

The use of a new source of energy is top urgent and imperative. Studies that have been carried out by inventors and specialists have not had the necessary push by our authorities,  in benefit of the oil industry.

I am not totally against the oil industry, I am against the exclusive use of oil which has proved to be poisoning our atmosphere given the exaggerated amounts of this resource that are being employed in our daily life. Other sources such as the sun, the wind, the sea could replace oil in our daily needs, but the problem is that oil is at the base of every industrial activity in use by our capitalist system, and, of course, pulling down the whole set-up is too costly for those exploiting it.

Scientists have recently warned that the first consequences of the destruction of essentials in our environment will be seen and experienced in a shorter period than was being previously announced, the year 2010 being reckoned to be the beginning  of the end if solutions are not found before, and this very urgently.

It is a situation of emergency that should be dealt with right away.

We elect politicians to fight for our interests, not to fight for the interests of others.


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