November 27, 2006

I am sorry to see at :  that there are still people who think that Afghanistan should not be left by itself. The blunders with Afghanistan started by the Russian invasion followed by the American invasion. But the most important of them all was the ancient colonisation of the country. Colonial powers made that Afghanistan prolonged for so long its access to what we call civilisation. It was not convenient that they were given the appropriate education and it appears now that all those mistakes are wanted to be fixed up now. Why? Afghanistan is strategically situated and has important natural resources – as may be oil. As happens with Iraq Bush’s America wanted Afghanistan to “enjoy” the marvels of his democracy. And a democracy they imposed in Afghanistan. As a sui-generis democracy is also imposed in Egypt, or Morocco(phosphates) or any other Middle East country, including Israel.

A democracy for the US now is a country which helps control oil interests in any zone. Oil which is the main resource and whose ownership means the control of the world’s economy. That is why Bush’s US claims that Venezuela or other countries having natural resources and which have leant towards the Left, are not democracies.

The strategy carried out at the beginning by the US in Afghanistan was doomed to failure because the principles wielded for the invasion were erroneous. They are now arguing that women are not respected under the Taleban, but you will please tell me any country where women are really respected, I mean any country in the world. How long it took the Western women to make their rights prevail, which they have not prevailed yet because the Law does not appear to protect them fully as it should be.

The NATO command in Afghanistan are thinking of leaving the country to its fate, in view of the growth of the insurgency, which tells much about the real support the Taleban have in the country. A few thousands of fighters are not enough to fight off organised armies.

I am afraid that the West’s invasion of both Iraq and Afghanistan has been carried out without a  recknoning of what the consequences of the invasion would be. Changing the political status of a country overnight is not the way for the new status to consolidate. In my opinion there is no other way to democratise a country than the real ambition of its inhabitants to be democratic, otherwise drastically changing old traditions as it has been wanted to happen by Bush and Co. would only lead that country to a catastrophe.

Facts prove what I say.


One Response to “Afghanistan”

  1. Looks like Tyger got infiltrated by some Americans wanting to spout the official party line, perhaps even being paid to do it, who knows?

    Anyway a few facts of life seem to have sent them scuttling off to “greener” pastures.

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