A review on the run-up to the Iraq invasion

November 27, 2006

I was remembering what happened in the preliminaries of the invasion and the discussion that took place between the American Administration and the military regarding the number of troops that were required for the said invasion. Many officers in the Pentagon were of the opinion that the proposed 130,000 troops were not sufficient for a quick victory over Saddam’s armies, but the Secretary of Defence along with President Bush said that the numbers proposed were enough and that no more troops were necessary.

If you remember how everything went at the beginning of the invasion you may also remember that the war in itself was extremely short and I for one was amazed at seeing as how Saddam’s army was easily routed and no real opposition was presented to the invaders, so much so that Bush, in a short period of time after the invasion, boasted on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier positioned in the zone, that the coalition forces had prevailed.

In my opinion if the Iraqi army had been perfectly organised for the battles that they did know were going to take place, the victory for the coalition forces would not have been so easy. Fiercer resistance would have met the coalition forces and perhaps to win a logical victory the coalition might have needed the number of troops suggested by the military in the US.

This consideration leads me to the conclusion that the American Administration knew that the foreseeable resistance was not going to be so important as the military not involved directly had suggested. And it knew this because its espionage services had already convinced most of the Iraqi commanders not to present any resistance in exchange for sufficient incentive. This may justify the number of troops sent over to Iraq.

Which makes me think that perhaps a coup against Saddam might have achieved the same results the 130,000 American soldiers plus the British plus other nationalities achieved, but conversely a coup d’etat would not have let the US  set up the 14 bases they have already in the country.

This is the conclusion I have arrived at which does not mean I cannot be wrong.


4 Responses to “A review on the run-up to the Iraq invasion”

  1. pedallingman said

    Good. I hope You became in a great independent reporter.

  2. Richard said

    I think it was the reporter, John Simpson, who said it was easy enough for invaders throughout the centuries to invade places like Iraq and Afghanistan – the difficult part was getting out.

  3. John said

    I am not familar with the author of this article but I believe he is biased. I say this because the sign on the warship which said mission accomplished was put there by the crew and meant that their mission was accomplished and in no way meant that the larger war was over

  4. Jose said

    Sorry, John, but I was referring to President Bush’s words to the effect, nothing to do with the “mission accomplished” you refer to.

    I wonder why you say I am biased as I cannot see in my post but just a view on the war.

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