November 26, 2006

There is a thread at http://chadstroh.wordpress.com/2006/11/23/global-warming-hype-is-cooling-down/ which has warned me what other people think about the planet warming, the greenhouse effect, the ozone layer and everything the scientists have been continuously telling us about. Many meetings have been held worldwide in a clear attempt to stop the pollution and contamination  the planet Earth is undergoing, but it appears there are still people who belittle the findings of those scientists who are really worried about the effects of that contamination and pollution on the flora, fauna and humankind. The governments of the world are also convinced of the threat that is hovering over us and that is why they meet to try and solve the contaminating effect of our industrial world. Although eventually their worries are not reflected by their attitudes after the meetings. We must be conscious of this danger and we must fight against it with all our determination.



2 Responses to “Environment”

  1. strohchd said

    Thanks you for the constructive criticism and the linkback! I have heard both sides of the story many times. I like to write things in a very opinionated way to see the reactions of people who feel strongly about the issue! I hope we can tell both sides of the story, while creating awareness that global warning may or may not exist. Hopefully it doesnt!!

  2. Indeed, Strohchd. At least we can shout our protest through here and make it spread about the blogosphere.

    Somehow sooner or later it will catch.

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