Anti-Semites, Anti-Israelis and Anti-Zionists

November 24, 2006

In several forums which I read there have been harsh discussions on the term anti-Semite and its erroneous use in politics today. Those who criticise the term have always said that it is a mistake to use it, Semites being all those who according to the scriptures descend from Noah’s son Shem, in which case the Arab population forms the great mass of Semites in the world today, mainly because of ethnic reasons. Jews, being the descendants not only of Shem but also of many other ethnicities, among them the Russians, cannot claim full ownership of the term Semite, because it is well known, even by the Jews themselves, they are not a pure race, interracial marriages having taken place along centuries which have weakened the Jewish origins of the today’s believers of Judaism.

I attach here a link to a commentary made by a Jewish author who clearly defines the concepts of Semitism, Israelism and Zionism. Alfred Lilienthal is very well known and I do not think his opinion can be refuted on the question he deals with here.

Your special attention is drawn to the paragraph where he says:

The Zionists can muster not merely the threat of the Jewish vote and the no-less important Jewish financial and organizational skills, but also the blackmail of attacking anyone who opposes their political aims for Israel, as anti-Semitic.

Good reading:


2 Responses to “Anti-Semites, Anti-Israelis and Anti-Zionists”

  1. Richard said

    Such distinctions are critical to make…but it requires us to think with that critical matter between our ears – and clearly…something we find hugely difficult to do. It’s easier and more comfortabe to let others (eg so-called ‘experts’) to do the hard, critical thinking for us…and by so doing, we have someone else to blame – not ourselves. God forbid.

  2. christianzionismexposed said

    I can become a Jew; I cannot become a semite. This issue is so basic you hardly need to use the grey matter/critical matter between your ears.

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