UN – the exercise of veto

November 23, 2006

That a country’s wrongdoings, as is frequently the case with Israel, be protected by the right of veto of just one other country – in that case the US – is something which brushes the limits of absurdity. The chart of the United Nations was compiled immediately after World War II and it gave the superpowers a right which destroys any democratic principles in the organisation whose main objective is peace and understanding among nations.

If a rogue country decides to attack another, it just does it and may incur in the ire of the Security Council of the UN, but if one of the veto-holding members of that council decides that for one reason or another that rogue country has not been dealt with properly then it exercises its right to veto and that rogue country is given “letters of marque” to do everything it decides without the least objection.

I am of the opinion that while this mechanism works in the United Nations there will be no peace in the world, while decisions following the democratic principles are not taken, peace will never be possible.

Or perhaps this has been done so on purpose? Leave up to the five almighty nations the decision of life or death anywhere in the world is something that escapes the comprehension of an honest person.

I must never forget that everything that moves in the universe follows immovable laws, perhaps what I forget here is that the world we live in follows laws that are not laws, but the ultimate decision of the powerful, who boast continuously about the excellencies of democracy but whose actions are belying those assertions.


One Response to “UN – the exercise of veto”

  1. Richard said

    It’s called ‘might is right’ – and I agree, Jose, it’s wrong.

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