The News, The Journalists, The Media

November 23, 2006

To get to the news journalists must have sources who inform them where they must be to get that particular news first hand. In the course of their work journalists  find numberless obstacles which may even cause their death. But the news is the main source of their earnings and they must give it with the utmost accuracy.

Then the news it had cost so much to come by goes to the News Agency or straight to their newspapers, or television or radio, whose editors process each item of news and give it the wording that most suit the instructions they have received from their bosses.

Their bosses, the bosses of the Media – such as is Rupert Murdoch – publish their means of communication with the edited news which they so accurately received from the field journalists and photographers, and perhaps they have a slight information of how much effort the obtention of that news has cost and how much danger the journalist has had to go through. They, the bosses, content themselves with the assurance that they have paid the journalists a good salary. But they care a fig about the journalist’s self-respect.

Why do journalists who know perfectly their work accept that the information so much cost them be altered to suit the designs of the media moguls? They end up by prostituting their skill and knowledge to the power of those who manipulate the information following their own interests and not those of the general public who read and listen to them, and who pay their news papers or their television programmes unawares of the giant network behind the media who serve those who very far behind the whole network decide the fate of the world we live in.

The Media sustain themselves thanks to the advertisements those who follow the same principles contribute for their financial support.

But, they – the Media – know that without the ultimate consumers of the information, their business would tumble down like a card castle.


One Response to “The News, The Journalists, The Media”

  1. Richard said

    Dismantle that dish. Don’t buy that paper. If enough people did that, an Empire would fall.

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