Lebanon or when politics uses religions

November 23, 2006

Lebanon is again going through one of its most awful periods of restlessness. When it looked as though its problems were subsiding after the Israeli invasion, there suddenly a new political assassination has put the Lebanese on tenterhooks. A Christian Maronite who is repeatedly said to be antiSyrian – although he is also said to be contested by political rivals in Lebanon – has been shot dead in strange circumstances.

The news is becoming run-of-the-mill unfortunately in the Middle East. It seems something unusual happens if a death does not take place every day, either for political reasons or otherwise, the latter always being as a consequence of war.

But the death of Pierre Gemayel made me remember how Christian Maronites have always been hand in glove with the Israelis during all the time the Lebanese crisis has lasted. For a Jew to be so close in ideas to a Christian does not seem the logical relation between the two religions for the reasons all of us know, but when politics are in between religions can also be of considerable help.

The life-long enmity between Muslims and Jews has made for this close relationship between Maronites and Jews to be possible. Maronites even have fought in Lebanon side by side with the invading Israelis.

But, is this logical? Why is it that Lebanese Christians do not settle their differences with their Muslims co-citizens. It would seem the logical step to  be taken. Why do Christians cooperate with Israelis who we know have even encroached on Lebanon’s territory? In my opinion it is impossible for a country to keep peace if religious feelings are used to split it. Have the Christian Maronites any possibility to become the central power in Lebanon? I do not think so, I do think Muslims, being the majority, will always be predominant and any interference by Israel will just make matters worse for all the inhabitants of Lebanon.

Israel’s interventions in the zone have all the time been the cause of unrest, why then it is not stopped once and for ever and the inhabitants of every country enabled to solve their own problems?

I bet if the UN forbade Israel to put its hands in the politics of any country in the Middle East, banning the extraordinary activity of its secret services, we all would have peace, lasting peace.

But here again we would bump against the American wall in the Security Council.


4 Responses to “Lebanon or when politics uses religions”

  1. Richard said

    The UN should now forbid the US in dabbling in the affairs of any country which is not theirs – just as a teacher should prevent the school bully from bullying in the playground.

  2. To do that, Richard, the right to veto should be stricken off the chart of the UN. The right to veto is one of the most anti-democratic systems that have ever existed. That five powers have in their hands the fate of the world is, to say the least, obscene.

  3. Richard said

    The Right to Veto by the powerful, like Royal Prerogatives, must be out-lawed.

  4. christianzionismexposed said

    How can things be outlawed when those who benefit by them are the ones who will have to vote to outlaw them. As long as the U.S. has enough power to vote down anything that doesn’t suit the agenda they wish to pursue, things will remain the same, as they are going to remain the same with the ‘new’ Congress here.

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