Alexander Litvinenko

November 23, 2006

Alexander Litvinenko’s best pal, who Sky News interviewed today, is Alex Goldfarb. Mr Goldfarb , a Russian Jew, is the Director of the Foundation for Civil Liberties.

The Foundation for Civil Liberties is financed by  another Russian Jew ,Boris Berezovsky, alias Boris Beresowski , alias Platon Elenin and is on Interpol’s red notices list along with his associate Yuly Dubov, Yukos shareholder Leonid Nevzlin, Yukos chief legal expert Mikhail Gololobov and Menatep bank department head Natalya Chernysheva.

In Feb 2004 Georgia’s Military Prosecutor’s Office arrested a Major Irakli Papava, another Russian Jew, who made the decision last December to remove Russian tycoon Boris Berezovski’s name from Interpol’s international “wanted” list and thus enable him to enter Georgia for a brief visit. Interpol in May 2006 however confirmed that the arrest warrant against Berezovski is still valid.

Berezovski is a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin, he has dedicated himself to toppling the Russian President, allegedly financing anti-Kremlin activity (including Ukraine’s Orange Revolution) across the former USSR. He is also alleged to have forged an alliance with the Solntsevo Brotherhood, a Russian Mafia organization as well as with Chechen gangs, which have helped in sabotaging the peace process in Chechnya.

Despite being on Interpol’s “Red List” Berezovski has been given asylum in the U.K.

My personal theory bearing in mind that the principle characters are all Jewish, is that this apparent poisoning is a means of discrediting the Russian Government and is the work of Mossad, the Israeli secret service.


8 Responses to “Alexander Litvinenko”

  1. Richard said

    What do you expect – with the appointment of ex-CIA, cold war warrior Robert Gates ?

  2. Extraordinary how you get information, Michael. And the most amazing thing is how Jews, in this case Russian Jews, are behind many of the events that take place in the civilised world.

    As happens with Lebanon, the Media have only to repeat that Litvinenko is a critic of Putin for everybody to think that he was poisoned on orders from Putin, but if we get to the bottom of the matter, then we realise that other theories must also be taken into account before reaching a final conclusion.

    In my opinion is less than probable that the Kremlin has had anything to do either with the Russian lady who was killed or with this Litvinenko who undertook to make investigations on that murder.

  3. Richard said

    ‘Globalization’ is a system run by mafia-style gangsters who protect their territories, and attempt to seize control of others – given the opportunity.

    There are no goodies and baddies anymore who have the real power and control – they’re all bad – and feed off the good of the people.

  4. reidner said

    To understand the trail, follow the money. Look at the origins of Berezovski’s financing though Menatep, and the group that founded Menatep: Riggs-Valmet, Subsidiary of Riggs Bank. If you don’t know where that leads, you’ll have an interesting voyage of discovery.

  5. Is this what you mean, Reidner?


    The CIA and Riggs BankA Wall Street Journal story that the press gang should chase.
    By Jack Shafer
    Posted Friday, Jan. 7, 2005, at 4:10 PM ET


    Some excerpts from the article:


    Citing unnamed U.S. government officials and people familiar with Riggs operations, Simpson reports that the bank has enjoyed a “relationship” with the CIA for some time. “That relationship, which included top current and former Riggs executives receiving U.S. government security clearances, could complicate any prosecution of the bank’s officials, according to private lawyers and former prosecutors,” he writes. By “complicate” one can safely assume that Simpson means “make impossible.” He writes:

    The relationship with the CIA could prove problematic because it could cast a different light on the bank’s dealings with two U.S. foreign-policy allies, former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi ambassador to Washington.

    Given the intelligence connections to Riggs, prosecutors could be faced with proving that the bank’s failure to disclose financial activity by the foreign officials wasn’t implicitly authorized by parts of the U.S. government.



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  7. tyger said

    The way I see it is this.

    Putin and the FSB are one and the same. They rolled into power by, if we are to believe Politkovskaya, arranging bombings in Moscow that facilitated both Putin’s promotion and the second Chechen war. War and terror, as we know, tends to solidify power.

    Equally, Berezovsky is nothing more than a Yeltsin era gangster. Putin may be a genuine danger to Democracy in Russia, but let’s remember that, following the neoliberal economics of the mid-nineties (see World Bank and IMF), Russia was near total collapse. Putin steadied this ship.

    Compared to seeing the worlds largest country descend into anarchy, and all that nuclear material finding it’s way onto the black market, Putin’s brand of authoritarian ‘democracy’ is a necessary evil.

  8. “Where have they deposited their money, because if it is in Russia, the Russian government could have easily frozen it?”

    I recommend that you read in regards to Yeltsin. Undoubtedly Yeltsin’s election campaign was financed by wealthy Jews/Zionists. The reason for this “investment” was that Yeltsin agreed to sell off the Russia “family silver” at knockdown prices to a few selected Russian Jews. From previous entries in this thread it was noted that Yeltsin’s daughter “Tanya” invited possible buyers to a meeting and was very selective in regards to who was invited.

    Once the purchases had been made Russia was basically subjected to asset stripping with the assets being sold at market prices to Westerners. The cash from these sales was then transferred to the west before Yeltsin was replaced by Putin.
    In my opinion Putin seems to be an honest broker in all this taking out legal action and jailing those that hadn’t already escaped to London, Israel and the uSA.

    In July 1996, Yeltsin was re-elected as president with financial support from influential business oligarchs who previously gained their wealth because of their connections to Yeltsin’s administration. According to General Korzhakov, Roman Abramovich was the major finance manager of Yeltsin’s family

    “Is it in Great Britain with the approval of the British government?”

    Some of it obviously, the purchase of Chelsea football club and the purchases of London residential proprties in areas such as Belgravia, previously mentioned in this thread.

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