American policy in Iraq provides the excuse not to leave.

November 21, 2006

Most people must surely realise by now that the illegal invasion of Iraq was all about oil, in reality it also the reason why the USA will not leave Iraq for many years to come, 14 expensive “enduring bases”, each the size of a small town, bear witness to this fact.

The US Government on the other hand tries to give the impression that their continued occupation of Iraq is necessary to stop inter-sect violence, but thanks to Sara an Iraqi refugee, there’s evidence to suggest that the inter-sect violence is in fact the deliberate result of American policy which started in October 2003.

From 1991 to the outbreak of war in March 2003, due to the illegal invasion, Iraq was the victim of harsh UN Sanctions. Within a few years, humanitarian organisations quickly realised that these sanctions, combined with the deliberate destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure under cover of the illegal “no fly zones”, were causing a massive death toll through malnutrition and disease, an estimated 1.5 million Iraqis died the majority of which were children and there were calls for the sanctions to be lifted. 

It was the USA alone as a member of the UN Iraqi Sanctions Committee that refused all calls for a lifting of sanctions, indeed the USA in controlling the “Oil for food” account and control over transactions, vetoed over 5,000 quite genuine and legitimate food or medicine contracts.

However during this period, the Iraqi Government distributed what food and medicine was still available totally free of charge to the population, although it was mostly Iraqi produce, flour, oil and dates. Now according to Sara this continued up to 7 months after the illegal invasion at which time the occupying forces stopped the practise.

Now according to Sara, inter Shiite/Sunni violence was an extremely rare event during Saddam’s time but within 7 months of the illegal invasion the Iraqis were faced with a total breakdown of society, no food, 70% unemployed, hardly any electricity, polluted drinking water, hospitals without adequate drug supplies, crime increasing.

Now all these matters could have been addressed by the occupying forces, indeed under the Geneva Convention they were under an obligation to do so, instead as we now know, funds meant for the reconstruction of Iraq were in the main embezzled or wasted in paying expensive Western contractors whilst a local Iraqi one could have accomplished the work for a tenth of the price. Even $8 billion remaining in the oil for food account (Iraqi money) was wasted.

Now it seems that oil revenue, so necessary for the reconstruction of Iraq, is being fraudulently used. After nearly 4 years of occupation there are still no meters on the pipelines filling up tankers, meaning  no record of how much oil is being sold and therefore no record of how much is being paid.

If the USA really wanted to go home and for the violence to stop in Iraq, it would be best accomplished by bringing Iraqis back into work instead of expensive Western employees being brought in, free food and medicines for those that remain un-employed and the provision of clean water and electricity.

You won’t see it happen of course because that would mean the USA had no excuse for not leaving.


17 Responses to “American policy in Iraq provides the excuse not to leave.”

  1. Oh it came out in my traditional pink. Sorry about that.

  2. Good for that pink, Michael. Uniformity is boring. Yes, what you say has not appeared in the Western press, thank God we have friends everywhere, as we have Sara from Iraq who keeps us updated.


  3. Richard said

    Assassinations also provide the excuse not to leave ?

  4. tyger said

    Michael the blogger. Praise the day!


  5. tyger said

    Mr. Jose,

    Now you have a full front page of posts I have added this blog to my blogroll.


  6. The point I was trying to make with this post was that the USA has created the conditions of chaos in Iraq on purpose in my opinion to justify their continued presence. They have created conditions which if you were to impose on any country in the world would result in a complete breakdown of society. What I really would like is for Jose,Richard and Tyger to go to the Respect site on the following link and change/rewrite what I have written because it’s my intention to e-mail to various newspapers around the world and get it printed, that way more people get to read it.

  7. tyger said


    I think this is something I can spend some time on tmrw.

  8. Richard said

    The only thing I would include is the Israeli connection…

  9. Michael said

    “The only thing I would include is the Israeli connection.”

    Once you do that it falls into the realm of being anti-semitic and greatly reduces the chances of being published.

  10. tyger said

    One would have to provide evidence of an Israeli connection. I have been vague in my entry.

  11. As I said in my post in Respect, I find the letter perfect, any more additions might taint it. My opinion.

    And. Tyger, thank you for your cooperation.

  12. Richard said

    You’re right, Jose – on reflection. Keep it as it is. The ‘Israel connection’, although hugely signficant, would make it unpublishable at the present time – regrettably.

  13. tyger said

    Michael, do you want me to on tygerland as a reader’s letter? (or guest contribution) I get between 400 and 700 visitors a day now.

  14. tyger said

    Michael, do you want me to *reproduce* on tygerland as a reader’s letter? (or guest contribution) I get between 400 and 700 visitors a day now.

  15. Michael said

    If you think it’s good enough Tyger. I’ve sent it so far to about 6 newspapers all over the world. I may try some more tomorrow.

  16. I believe Iraq is already in a civil war. By international standards it is necessary that a given number of dead occur, and that fights go on non-stop, both circumstances are given in Iraq, much that the West wants to insist on the contrary.

    It is rather guerrilla warfare, but warfare anyway.

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