BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Annan chides inaction on climate

November 15, 2006

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Annan chides inaction on climate

Indeed. When are governments going to really decide to tackle the problems that are damaging our planet? Do they not trust what scientists are continuously saying about these problems? Have they not realised that chaos is nearing with such a speed that solutions ought to be adopted rightaway and not wait for something irreparable to take place?


7 Responses to “BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Annan chides inaction on climate”

  1. Richard said

    A politician’s only horizon is the date of the next election – short-term thinking. That’s why they have a problem listening to problems of a medium to long-term nature.

  2. The problem is, Richard, that this is going to happen during thee politicians’ families’ lives. At least they should worry about their people, shouldn’t they?

  3. Richard said

    This is a bit over-cynical, but most of these people will only take notice if it might adversely affect their retirement…in other words, they don’t give a fig, even about “their people” – only themselves.

  4. They must take a decision between choosing their industries or their families, mustn’t they?

  5. snowflake5 said

    I think the EU is proposing to put emissions targets on all flights into and out of the EU – but it will be a huge battle with the American airlines, who are already lobbying against. Ah well. Everything worthwhile is hard to do.

  6. Indeed, Snowflake. The question is where these taxes would go to. Will they go to finance new alternative energies? Or will they go to lessen emissions to the atmosphere?

    Questions that I guess will be answered by the EU.

  7. Richard said

    “Everything worthwhile is hard to do” (snowflake5)


    “Nothing good comes easy”

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