As Guard Changes in Congress, Lobbyists Scramble – New York Times

November 15, 2006

As Guard Changes in Congress, Lobbyists Scramble – New York Times

Lobbying starts spreading its tentacles again. The Republicans have not yet left when lobbying starts to contact influential Senators and Congresspersons in the Democrat party.

Will there be any changes in how politicians will behave? That is yet to be seen, but I am very much afraid lobbyists will continue to press for the same decisions to be taken that benefit their interests.

And nothing will be changed in American politics, except the way the manner to do it.


8 Responses to “As Guard Changes in Congress, Lobbyists Scramble – New York Times”

  1. Richard said

    We, the people, have to become a “lobby” too – and an optimistic one.

  2. That’s what seems good of blogs. You can inter-connect whenever you wish, Richard.

  3. tyger said

    I suppose this is the great threat if we had an elected second chamber. I.e. partisan politics and all it’s insidious realities throughout the system.

  4. See how the James Baker’s commission is toeing the line marked by lobbyists, because they may say what they wish, but in actual fact the bi-partisan commission is a way to involve the Democrats in the big tangle. Democrats will disguise the whole thing with good, convincing words to their electors, but…alas! Iraq will go on being what it is now.

  5. christianzionismexposed said

    Updating this, the House today (if I read correctly on the run as usual) passed a ‘nonbinding resolution’ opposing ‘his’ surge. What does that mean? Nothing. Just something that will make them appear ‘concerned’ and ‘doing something’ to their constituents who fall for it. Truth is, both parties are ‘owned’ by lobbyists and nothing will change that because those in power make the laws that would elminate it and hurt a revenue stream they have enjoyed. Kill the golden goose? Insane!

  6. Jose said

    I expect the electors will understand this, CZE. I hear there’s a lot of pressure being put on the Houses by normal people to stop this absurd war once and for ever.

  7. christianzionismexposed said

    That won’t matter, Jose. They know they have us coming and going. We only have two choices in all practicality, so they just play the game of good cop/bad cop, depending on which side of the ‘moral’ issues you are one. They don’t care about our pressure; they can blame the other ‘team’ for messing things up and get by with murder. The only power Americans would have is if it were possible to have another Revolution, and that’s nowhere close to reality. What can we do? Reach through the TV screen and pound on them? Call and write them? I do and it’s laughable. I’m sorry, but they could care less about ‘normal people’. They’ve got a monopoly going, a two-party monopoly on our futures, our purses and even our lives. I’m wondering when they will institute the draft to get the warm bodies they need. I think Michael posted elsewhere on Barak Obama kissing up to Israel…already. This Middle East war ‘thing’ shows no signs of changing, in my opinion.

  8. Jose said

    They of ever holding the reins to which politicians are tied, politicians of any trend are subject to supreme interests.

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