Societies that influence world politics

November 14, 2006

There is a number of societies in America and Europe, that openly influence politics taking place around the world. So far their influence was concentrated in the United States of America, but of late because of seemingly apparent weakening of the American predominance and, also, because of the American intervention in conflictive zones of the world, such as the Middle East, have made these societies go and search for new horizons.

In principle it appears their preference has been the United Kingdom of Great Britain and N.I., where there have been recent public interventions of some of these clubs or societies, provoked in my opinion by the rising importance of Europe occurred after the creation of the European Union.

Russia and China I am sure are also the objectives of these societies, where it has been evident a number of very important and influential persons belonging to the worlds of politics, finances and the military, may already be intervening in the poursuit of their aims, which are no more no less than concentration of power.

Is this adventure effective for our wellbeing, for the wellbeing of humans around the world?

It is something that I suggest be discussed here and I am sure Richard, among our friends, will be ready to send his comments and information.



3 Responses to “Societies that influence world politics”

  1. Richard said

    Interesting, as always, Jose.

    Something tells me these societies you had in mind include The Henry Jackson Society – based at UK’s Cambridge University, with ‘delightful’ patrons such as Richard Perle, James Woolsey…

    Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson was a US Democrat, and……..(snooze button)

  2. The HJS you mention, Richard, is one of the Right Wing think tanks which has been set up to further the interests of ultra-capitalism in Europe. The people you mention are among the patrons of this society, and it has been notorious they have abjured Bush and Co., when it is well know that they were key factors in the Iraq war. The US is losing the war in Iraq, but the corporations that are behind these people have gained billions in the so-called reconstruction of the country and in supplying services to the American army.

    For those interested I beg to enclose a link here that is worth reading:


  3. At this stage I would like to transcribe here a thread that was started in the Respect Discussion group about the theme of the societies that influence the world’s politics:


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