Minority representation in Government.

November 14, 2006

I think it’s extremely important that minorities are adequately represented in all positions of Government, indeed the major political parties with varying effort are trying to achieve that. As far as the House of Commons goes it’s difficult achieving the desired results, whilst you can select an Asian candidate for example , no one has control on whether they will be voted in.
The House of Lords however is a much different kettle of fish, a large proportion of the members are not elected and merely sit their because sometimes their ancestors were awarded a title or more recently because they had the cash available to buy themselves a title. It should therefore be relatively easy to ensure a good representation of all minorities relevant to the proportion in the general population, Asians and black people are seriously under represented.
However, 2 days  ago I notice in the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/785642.html that they claim that at least 46 members of the House of Lords are Jewish. According to my calculations that is 6.35% of the seats compared with Jews being around 0.5% of the population. So it appears that whilst some groups are ignored others are grossly over represented. Surely the time has come for this imbalance to be corrected and by removing some of these Jewish members the right to sit in the Lords and replacing them with Asian or Blacks it could be easily corrected.


11 Responses to “Minority representation in Government.”

  1. If Britain must give an appearance of democracy representations should be as your post so rightly points out.

  2. Kevin said

    If you want to be a strong force in blogging you might want to at least take the “just another wordpress blog” statement off your header.

    Anyway, you won’t get far, you’re just another America-hating, Jew-hating, terrorist-loving liberal.

  3. Kevin,

    You are funny, believe me. I wonder what you have got inside your head to say what you say, because I cannot see grounds in the posts published so far that might justify your insults.

    I might be wrong, though.

  4. Kevin I’m not actually a “Liberal” well not in the sense used by most right wing extremist Americans as a term of abused directed to anyone who admits that the invasion of Iraq was nothing about terrorism but simply for economic reasons. Neither do I accept Bush’s list of terrorist organisations. it’s usually a term used to describe any individual or organisation that stands up to the USA’s attempt at world domination. Terrorism to me is usually carried out by Governments such as the illegal, preplanned and unnecessary invasion of the Lebanon by the terrorist State or indeed the illegal invasion of Iraq causing at least 650,000 deaths in Iraq. Those are the forms of terrorism we should really be concerned about, the type that causes mass genocide.

    Most people that support the invasion of Iraq and the “war on terror” refer to what happened in the USA on 9/11 as being the prime cause. But that suggests that nothing which happened prior to 9/11 has any relevancy.
    I’m not Islamic but if I were I might consider the fact the the UN Sanctions against Iraq which caused an estimated loss of life of 1.3 million Iraqis, included in that figure, 500,000 children, a reason for resentment at a minimum.
    Now I know it was the UN that set these sanctions with the approval of the Security Council, but it was the USA that steadfastly refused to see them relinquished, despite knowing full well the damage that was being done to ordinary Iraqis.
    Indeed as we all know, Madeline Albright referred to the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children as being worth it. Worth what? We may all ask. I believe already even back in 1996 that the coming oil shortage and the danger of sky high prices was already envisaged and that the death of Iraqis and the affect by continuous destruction of Iraqi infrastructure was already the softening up of Iraq for a future invasion.

    I don’t actually believe that there’s a war on terrorism or terror, I believe that all along it’s been a war for the world’s oil resources and that’s why it was necessary for Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Straw, Powell et al to lie through their teeth to get the invasion up and running.

  5. Richard said

    What do you say to this counter-argument, Michael ?

    We have to control oil resources, in the interests of national and international security.

  6. Michael said

    What do you say to this counter-argument, Michael ?” We have to control oil resources, in the interests of national and international security.”

    Frankly it’s the kind of statement Hitler could have used. You cannot “control” legally something which doesn’t belong to you. I’m a great believers in countries adhering to International Law and also the Geneva Convention. The closest you can get to control is being the highest bidder , that after all is one of the basic rules of capitalism. The alternative of course is chaos throughout the world and the largest most powerful countries occupying countries which have natural resources. Simply having the capability military wise never makes it right.

  7. tyger said


    I’m sure Jose has better things to worry about than being a “strong force in blogging.” He’ll do fine. Your attacks are misplaced.

  8. Thank you, Aaron. Always a friend.

  9. christianzionismexposed said

    Jose, usually the ‘strong forces in blogging’ are the ones who toot their own horn and seek publicity. You do neither, but your quiet wisdom and polite, gentlemanly style will give you a better group of readers long-term than the usual screaming, hateful mess that the ‘strong forces’ 😉 in blogging garner.

    I’m sure the gentleman above will find his way to where his rants are stroked and encouraged, while the rest of us will listen to what a very quiet, self-controlled and humble man of experience has to say.

  10. Jose said

    That gentleman above, CZE, has not returned to check his appreciations.

    Thank you for your kind words.

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